Source: iJET International


Judiciary Vows to Crack Down on Protests Nationwide: A judiciary spokesperson announced May 27 that security forces would crack down on protests and unrest that have been besetting the country since December 2017. Iranian authorities regularly blame foreign powers, including the US and Israel, for the regular demonstrations that have become a daily occurrence throughout the country. The spokesperson said that the country's foreign enemies infiltrate protest events in to foment unrest in the country.

Analysis: The announcement, which is, in essence, a threat to protest leaders and organizers, ensues following the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal and the Iranian government's heightened anxieties about the growing number of protests in the country. Iranians remain frustrated over a wide range of issues facing the country, including a sinking economy, the government's military enterprises in several Arab countries, and stringent policies and laws. At a time when Iranians demand social, political, and economic reforms, the government continues to crack down on freedom of assembly and organization. On April 30, the government banned the widely used and popular Telegram messaging application, which has been a critical platform for organizing anti-government protests.