Two congratulations are due NIAC, the lobby which does the bidding for the Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all in America.

First Congrat, Thomas Pickering, a board member of NIAC Lobby, has got his main client’s deal through, that is, Boeing has got Obama’s approval to sell passenger planes to the warmongering Islamist fascists, planes which can also be used for nefarious purposes.

Here is Pickering in his own words:

“I was a Boeing employee from 1/2001 to 6/2006,” he emailed. “I was a direct consultant to Boeing from 7/2006 until 12/2015 when‎ contract for consulting was moved to Hills for my work.”

Hills” refers to Hills & Company International Consultants, where Pickering is a principal. In a previous email, Pickering referred to his “contract arrangement with Boeing” in the present tense.

Second Congrat, Sahar Norooz-Zadeh, a former NIAC Lobby employee turned Obama’s NSC Director for Iran, has now been moved to State Department as the Persian speaking spokesperson on Iran.

Time will come, it will, when in a democratic Iran, elected representatives of the Iranian people will lobby for their country’s benefits, till then, likes of NIAC Lobby will enrich the multinationals at the detriment of Iran and Iranians.

Above is one of the series of blogs, here, here and here, about Boeing’s secret deal with the warmongering, expansionist Islamist fascists, a deal which its details are kept secret from the American people, needless to say, Iranian people are of course never privy to what Islamist fascists do in their name. Two new developments:

“Boeing has claimed that disclosing the details of the Iranian aircraft purchase will “interfere with US foreign policy toward Iran by obstructing a key component of the international nuclear deal.”

However, earlier this month Ruben Castillo, chief United States district judge for the Northern District of Illinois, ordered the Trump Administration to file a statement by October 12 informing the court whether the government agrees or disagrees that revelation of the details of the Boeing deal will interfere with US foreign policy toward Iran.”

Further development on the secret Boeing deal:

“The House adopted measures on Wednesday to prevent sales of commercial aircraft to Iran, despite warnings from some Democrats that it would undermine the international accord to curtail the country’s nuclear weapons program.”

And, NIAC Lobby woman is NO longer at her sensitive Iran post in the State Department.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Above picture; NIAC lobby woman when she was Obama’s NSC Director for Iran.