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Joined on October 10, 2012

In the face of a storm that is sweeping the world, afflicting this region-- one that has now reached to France-- Iran is on board a safe ship and continues to powerfully sail on this path, thanks to Islam and the Progeny of the Prophet Muhammad (pbut).—Seyed Ali Khamenei
Iran has one of the brightest, best educated, and entrepreneurial people in the Middle East. Unfortunately the exact opposite of that run the country—Alireza Nader
It’s been 39 years since the regime’s cowardly murder of my cousin Shahriar Shafiq in France. Shahriar was a senior naval officer & devoted patriot who fought valiantly to free Iran from this regime. The day of honoring him & our other fallen heroes across the nation is near.—Prince Reza Pahlavi
A modern-day Gandhi is on the verge of death in Iran unless there is an urgent and powerful expression of moral condemnation — by concerned citizens, human rights activists and organizations, and most of all, governments around the world that claim to care about human rights.—Washington Post opinion
Until Iran’s authorities come clean and publicly reveal the fate and whereabouts of the victims, these crimes against humanity are ongoing.—Amnesty International
In last 9 months I know 4 people who have died in exile. All of them in their 40’s & 50’s. These were young kids when the Islamic Revolution happened. Folks my age! IRI has destroyed generations of young Iranians. Now people my age are dying alone and in exile. Fuck this regime.—Saman Arbabi
Totally safe [in Iran]. Unless you're a dissident. Or an environmentalist. Or a journalist. Or a labour unionist. Or a dual citizen. Or an NGO worker. Or an academic. Or an AIDS researcher. Or a software developer. Or a Baha'i. Or a woman. But otherwise, you know, totally safe.—Kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
[Iran] Authorities’ recent talk of ‘national unity and resistance against foreign pressure’ are empty words when they throw educators and labor activists in jail for demanding a fair wage—Michael Page, Human Rights Watch
Khamenei claims there is no “real” democracy in the world like Iran’s democracy. A reminder: Real democracies don’t arrest laborers for peacefully protesting about their unpaid salaries. #کارگران_هفت_تپه—Heather Nauert, StateDept Spokesperson
Regime fat cats drive luxury cars & send kids to live in Great Satan, continue their charade of solidarity for Gaza & justice for Khashoggi. Meanwhile Iran factory workers, teachers, farmers, child laborers... denied most basic dignities. All in an oil rich state. —Miriam Memarsadeghi, co-founder/co-director Tavaana