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Credit where credit is due: After Lindsey Graham SC makes a stupid joke about Iranians, Brian kilmeade immediately corrects him and says, “They have great people, just bad leaders.”—Maziar Bahari, Journalist and filmmaker
Iranian pots calling Saudi kettles black. It’s amusing to see how the Iranian government and its supporters are laughing at Saudis ridiculous claims about Jamal Kashoggi while they’ve been doing the same thing to their own dissidents for the past four decades!—Maziar Bahari, Journalist and filmmaker
In 2015 thousands of teachers were in prisons of Iran's oppressive regime for various reasons. In 2016 teacher Rasoul Bodaghi was rearrested for visiting ailing jailed teacher Mahmoud Beheshti. Today teachers are on nationwide strike without fearing detention. —Shima Kalbasi, poet, Filmmaker, Rights activist
The Iranian regime's former ambassador to Germany, during whose tenure Iran's embassy was used as a launching pad for terror attacks against dissidents in Europe (like the Mykonos restaurant murders in Berlin) is suddenly very concerned about jamal khashoggi.—kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
MASH'HAD- Islamic Security arrests novelist Abbas Vahedian in raid on his home, family report. Reason is anger expressed by "Supreme Guide" about Vahedian's novel "The Return of Chengiz Khan" in which mullahs' seizure of power is compared to Mongol invasion of the 12th century.—Amir Taheri
It's amazing how shameless Iranian govt supporters express outrage at the killing of my friend Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents. Iran's secret agents have brutally murdered dozens intellectuals and dissidents in Iran and around the world since 1979. —Maziar Bahari, Journalist and filmmaker
English language analysts declaring death of reform in Iran. But Iranian liberal democrats rang death knell 2 DECADES ago. What needs global attention now is ubiquitous sense (if not acknowledgement) within society, opposition, regime, that nothing can even save this regime anymore.—Miriam Memarsadeghi, co-founder/co-director Tavaana
It's shameful that the editors of the Boston Globe were ok with stephen kinzer writing a love letter to Javad Zarif without even a passing reference to Zarif's habitual lying and his apologia for murderous theocracy.—kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
The wheels are falling off Mogherini's European "salvation" coach for the mullahs as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland and France act against alleged terrorist activities by Islamic Republic embassies. The Khomeinist regime can't help it: terrorism is lodged in its genes.—Amir Taheri
Hassan Rouhani, stop funding Assad and Hezbollah. And stop terrorizing and oppressing your own people.—Nazanian Boniadi, Hollywood actress, Human rights advocate. @ICHRI Board Member