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On Iran, I belong to no party or clique. I'm committed solely to promoting democracy and human rights. But to give credit where due, Reza Pahlavi has been saying all the right things. This op-ed is a good example.—Kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
the Imam [Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini] forbade negotiations with America, and I forbid it once again.—Ali Khamenei, Islamist fascists' Fuhrer
Trump isn’t repeating Obama’s mistake by getting involved in secret shenanigans favored by the mullahs; he is playing above board. His message is: behave differently and you shall be treated differently. That may or may not be the right policy, but it is at least a policy. The EU, on the other hand, has no policy on Iran apart from using it as an excuse for a little bit of Trump-bashing, a favorite global sport these days. —Amir Taheri
A group outside Iran and another group inside the country have been trying to eliminate reformists, there is no room for a regime change in Iran as long as the reforms are alive.—Khatami, Former President of Islamic Repuclic
Since May 8, USD has appreciated 74 percent against rial, 195% since Donald Trump inauguration, but Iranian officials are telling us the country has a 10 percent inflation rate. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. —Saeed Ghasseninejad, Research Fellow at FDD
Not OK for diaspora: deciding the fate of Iranians by echoing their protests on the street. OK for diaspora: prolonging the life of the IRI by voting in sham elections and posting pic of purple finger on instagram.—Kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
The goal is one day see Iranians in Iran enjoying the same quality of life that Iranians in America enjoy….Iranians should not have to flee their homeland to find a better life.—Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State
It is amazing that “Iran Watchers” are all for dialogue and diplomacy with the rouge regime, but when it comes to dialogue with the Iranian people they are all against it. What hypocrites.—Artin
... Until the Iranian regime respects Americans' basic human rights, they and their relatives will not be welcome in this country,—Tom Cotton, U.S. Senator
I voted Obama (once) & his 8 yrs Tavaana funded. But we were kept at arm's length, never asked for opinion or to Norouz parties. Those were for Trita Parsi, NIAC, etc. I'm a never-Trumper, but believe in admin's Iran approach. Looking forward to Sunday at Reagan Library & grateful.—Mariam Memarsadeghi, co-founder/co-director Tavaana