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Joined on October 10, 2012

They are hostages that have been subject to extensive cruelty, and it really is time to let them come home before they die in custody,—Babak Namazi
It's hard to think of a policy that makes less sense than the prior administration’s terrible and misguided deal with the Castro regime. Well, you have to say, the Iran deal was pretty bad also. Let's not forget that beauty.—Donald Trump
We have intelligence that Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in promoting terrorist groups on the eastern side of Iran, in Baluchistan. On the Western side, the same type of activity is being undertaken,"—Seyed Mohammad Javad Zarif-khansari
Freedom is beautiful, compulsion is ugly. Let me be my real self.—Masih Alinejad
Just because I carry a name, does not necessarily mean that I’ve genetically inherited the predicament or circumstances of my predecessors. —Prince Reza Pahlavi
What keeps you awake at night, nothing; I keep other people awake at night. —U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis
I love Iran, but it's like an alcoholic father, sometimes it hits me.—Mohammad Rasoulof, movie writer-director
We can no longer allow the nuclear agreement with Iran to dictate U.S. policy throughout the Middle East, and this bill is an important first step in finally holding Iran accountable for their non-nuclear destabilizing activities,—U.S. Senator Bob Corker
Iran elections are designed to produce maximum drama and minimum change.—Karim Sadjadpour
The current regime in Iran doesn’t make it easy to collect documents and materials, that’s why it’s important for our program to obtain and preserve as many pieces of history as we can. Our plan is to digitize everything we have acquired and make it available to all future scholars.—Abbas Milani