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His inspectors



Empty pockets

Toka Neyestani

Teachers, factory workers, truckers,....are on strike.

Iranians have become increasingly poorer under the rule of Islamist fascists.

Dollar bait

Ahmad Barakizadeh

As far as eyes can see

Reza Rish

Less & More

Saman Arbabi

The less we know, the more we believe.

Forced sainthood

Reza Jouzani

Forced Hijab in gender-Apartheid Islamist fascist ruled Iran




Int. Peace Day

Reza Rish

Ahvaz Terror Op

Behnam Mohammadi

Gone with the Wind

Shahrokh Heydari

“Childhood Gone with the Wind” cartoon by Shahrokh Heidari. Children need our love & protection. Lack of children's rights & culture of rights has made for rampant abuse under Islamic Republic.