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Department of State: Eight-year Anniversary of the Detention of 2009 Iranian Political Opponents - Finally, "Trump is with you Moussavi/Karroubi!"

CBC: Police arrest 17, seize almost $33M in Montreal-Toronto money-laundering bust - 5 Iranians Arrested

Guardian: European powers to present cool front at Warsaw summit - جلسه ورشویی!

CNN: Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' found guilty on all counts - Trump is Next!

NY Times: U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Contradict Trump on North Korea and Iran - Bullshitter-in-Chief!

iheart: We Start Openly Passing Gas After Nine Months of Dating - GooZoo!

NBC: New Mexico governor withdraws National Guard from the border, slams Trump's 'charade' - Órale Cabron!

The Hill: Intelligence briefers warn of 'willful ignorance' on Trump's part - Old Ignorant Senile-in-Chief!

CNN: The 35 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's Super Bowl interview - Really Funny Stuff!

Reuters: Iran's first president says Khomeini betrayed 1979 Islamic revolution - Really? Begoo to Bemiri!