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NYPost: Trump inauguration was crawling with Russians, and the FBI was watching - Kazachok!

Times of Israel: Thousands protest in Israel against Shabbat store closures - گشت ارشاد نتانیاهو!

Men's Journal: Trump the 2nd Fattest President since William Taft - ترامپ گامبو!

BBC: Could you pass Donald Trump's cognitive test? A baboon can answer these questions in 1 minute!

Newsweek: Deutsche Bank Willing To Report Jared Kushner’s ‘Suspicious Transactions’ To Robert Mueller - The Noose is Tightening!

Newsweek: Trump Appointee Resigns After Racist, Sexist, Anti-Muslim and Anti-LGBT Comments - Equal Opportunity Hate Mongering

NYDailyNews: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s poor hygiene sparks complaints at Ecuador Embassy - ShitholeLeaks!

The Hill: Vicente Fox: Trump’s ‘mouth is the foulest shithole in the world’ - La Mierda Donald!

The Hill: Lawyer paid $130k to silence adult-film star over sexual encounter with Trump - Jendeh Baaz- in -Chief!

Reuters: Trump to extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping nuclear deal intact - Huge Bilakh to Obama Haters!