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abc: Iranian asylum seeker whose church attendance 'dropped off' loses High Court immigration fight -Fake Christian!

Daily Beast: Playboy Playmate Now Free to Discuss Alleged Affair With Trump - Porn Stars, Playmates and Prostitutes, Oh My!

Reuters: Trump administration delays new sanctions on Russia - Putin Don't Like it ..Rock the Casbah!

Reuters: Tehran to resume direct flights to Erbil - No More Kurdish Independence!

CNBC: Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's mystery client is Fox News host Sean Hannity - Surprise..Surprise!

Reuters: U.S. fires 'one-time shot' at Syria after chlorine attack- Just Once, Don't Get Used to it!

Newsweek: Trump Had Affair With Housekeeper That Produced a Child - Kolfat Baaz-in Charge!

CNN: National Enquirer paid doorman $30,000 to keep quiet on Trump's sex life - Illigimate Child Rumor

Reuters: Trump: Syria attack 'could be very soon or not so soon' - ای بابا, حالا من یک چیزی گفتم!

NY Daily: FBI agents raid office of Trump’s lawyer - I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!