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Early Friday morning, crews began to work on removing a statue of Roger B. Taney, the former Supreme Court justice who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and ruled that any person with African descent could not be a citizen, from the grounds of the Maryland State House.




Iran's head of hairdressers, fashion and beauty salons trade guild for Tehran! Afsarolmolouk Yassan

Neda safe in Israel

Neda Amin, a Turkey-based, Iranian-born blogger arrived safely in Israel on Thursday morning, and was met at Ben-Gurion Airport by Times of Israel editor David Horovitz.

Amin was being threatened with imminent deportation by Turkey. She feared that if no other country took her in, she would be sent back to Iran, where she feared for her fate.

Your wire is showing

In a televised news item, Islamist fascists showed how villagers in northern Iran are mass manufacturing offensive cruise missiles using their own local material.

In the clip (here) a target is destroyed by one of these village-made guided missiles.  But, obviously they have a long way to go in mastering the photoshop.

Is that your wire showing?

Israel bound Neda arrested in Trukey

Reports are circulating that Iranian weblogger Neda Amin, who has been granted asylum by Israel, might have been arrested at the Istanbul airport before boarding a flight to Israel and safety. 


Editor of Times of Israel has dismissed the report of Neda's arrest, lets hope it is accurate. 


Erdogan, LET Neda GO and DON"T hand her over to the Islamists fascists.

Thank you Israel

Three years ago, Iranian journalist Nada Amin fled Iran, where she is expected to face a death sentence. The Israeli Journalists Association submitted a request for asylum within Israel in Amin’s name and today (Sunday), Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri grants Iranian journalist asylum as her ‘life is in real danger’


Blog about Neda's deportation back to Iran, and request from Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, which is Iran's cultural, historic and strategic ally, to give her asylum here

Her ankles are showing

EU Foreign Affairs head Federica Mogherini arrive in Tehran all wrapped up. 

Iranian Taboo breakers

Panionios' Ehsan Hajsafi (L) vies for the ball with Tel Aviv's Eyal Golasa


Iran footballers break Israel sporting 'taboo'

Two Iranian footballers have been both praised and condemned in their home country after turning out for their Greek club side against Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv.

While the Europa League third qualifying round match between Panionios of Athens and Maccabi will probably not last long in the memories of either set of fans, the appearance on the pitch of Iranians Masoud Shojaei and Ehsan Hajsafi in the Greek capital has not gone unnoticed back home.


Blog about these two Iranian taboo breakers, well done guys, well done. 


Silver medalist mourning

15 year old Fatemeh Ghadirian, on the right, is part of the the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan that was initially denied entry to the United States for an international competition in which they took home the silver medal.


On Tuesday, Fatemeh’s father was among those who were murdered in a suicide bombing in Herat. 

Stay the course Fatemeh, stay the course.