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Let them in

2018 World Soccer Cup, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Soccer apartheid

World Cup Soccer poster in Tehran "together we are champions, one nation, one heartbeat"

NO women in the Islamist fascist poster. Under Islamist gender apartheid, among other codified discriminations, women are banned from entering soccer stadiums to watch matches.   

Denuke handshake

Captive teachers


A hike by teachers from and , in support and with their imprisoned fellow teachers, whose photos they carry in their hands.

The first


First Saudi women receive driving licenses amid crackdown




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Iranian truck drivers in 25 provinces and 160 cities have been on strike over low pay, rising operating costs, increased tolls and other regulatory fees. stand in with our Iranian brother & sisters!

RIP Arkady

Russia's embattled liberal community was reeling Wednesday from the murder of fiercely anti-Kremlin journalist Arkady Babchenko who was gunned down in Ukraine after leaving Moscow following a campaign of harassment.


The journalist was killed less than a month after President Vladimir Putin was inaugurated for his fourth Kremlin term and as Russia gears up to host the World Cup later this month.

He contributed to a number of media outlets including top opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta and had become an avid blogger, accusing Russian authorities of slaughtering Kremlin critics and unleashing wars in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere.


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Obama v Pompeo

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"It is quite clear in this case who tried to appease whom."