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Katayoun Khosrowyar - Coach of the Year Candidate

Women's Soccer United Coach of the Year Award Candidate - Katayoun Khosrowyar

Katayoun Khosrowyar grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As an Iranian-American she has been able to bring her own “revolution” to Iran. It’s a beautiful story that has allowed her to shape the national landscape of Iranian women’s football.

Post- Iran’s revolution, Iran’s first women’s national team discovered Kat. This started her journey to empower Iranian women in football.

In 2014, she was the first Iranian woman to have earned a FIFA/AFC “A” license. At such a young age, she has been able to inspire many girls to pursue their dream of playing football. Despite, all the political climaxes within Iran and outside the country. It isn’t easy for these girls to wear hijabs and be ridiculed for it, but she has allowed them to dream and push through all these political barriers.

In a country such as Iran with all the political interferences. Kat has opened up many doors for future generation of girls through her tenacity and persistent. Few of her girls have received offers from Europe.

In addition, Kat not only manages the U-19 side of Iran’s women’s national team, but advises the U-16/U-14 side as well. She is doing the job of three or more people simply because she believes she can create a pathway for a better future for these girls.

Furthermore, she has build communications and bridges with other nations to empower more women in various other countries. This lady single-handedly has been able to build a better relationship with the United States through football. This by itself is great for diplomacy.

Lastly, a country that still does not allow women to enter stadiums.It is outstanding how she has been able to cope with the politics and still believe she can make an impact on Iranian women.

The work Kat is doing is described as absolutely sensational and it is believed that many other coaches across the globe would not be able to handle the issues she has fought to face and that in itself shows the true character of this amazing individual.

Thank you to Pasha Hajian for the nomination.


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"Death to America" Emoji

Iran is promoting a domestically-produced mobile messaging app, complete with a "Death to America" emoji, in an attempt to get millions of Iranians to abandon the popular Telegram service, which it blames for promoting unrest in the country.

Among the features on new app Soroush are a series of emojis featuring a chador-clad woman clutching a picture of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and placards wishing death to Israel, America and Freemasons.

The Soroush app is even the subject of a competition in the country's elite Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, where five lucky people will be given gold coins for signing up. The competition was announced on the Force's Telegram channel.

Ayatollah Khamenei has emerged as a champion of the new app, closing down his account on Telegram and telling users to do the same and sign up to the Iranian-produced service.

"The activities of the presidency's Telegram channel have stopped in support of domestic messaging apps," state broadcaster IRIB also reported last week.



Melania and Obama at Barbara Bush's funeral laughing about Trump's Golden Shower or the size of his hands!

Opposition at the State of the Union!

I Am A Man

U.S. National Guard troops block off Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, as Civil Rights marchers wearing placards reading, "I AM A MAN" pass by on March 29, 1968. It was the third consecutive march held by the group in as many days.

50 Years Ago. Let's Make America Great Again.

Bijan Ghaisar's Family Want Answers

A 25-year-old man from McLean, Virginia was killed last month after an officer shot him, and his family said they’re still in the dark about what led to that deadly shooting.

Bijan Ghaisar was fatally shot in the head by a U.S. Park Police officer on Nov. 17, after a brief pursuit on the George Washington Parkway.

Ghaisar’s mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law gathered outside U.S. Park Police District Two Station on Sunday, just off the George Washington Parkway. They held signs and a large, framed photo of Bijan — and were looking for answers.

Bijan Kian under Scrutiny

Adm. Mike Rogers, left, Bijan Kian, center, and Mike Flynn, right, at the fifth annual Nowruz Commission gala in 2014.