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bbc: Trump : Iran will never have nuclear weapons (Bache ha! while you were focused on Melanie not holding Donald's hand, he concreted your Nuclear mouth!!!)

Daily Mail: Trump learns from Obama's mistakes and shakes Saudi King's hand instead of bowing .(And no Lachak for Melanie !!)

WN: U.S. Bombs Syrian, Iranian Forces For First Time, Leaving Eight Dead: (Bacheh ha! Pray to Allah for Trump's impeachment!!!!)

Fox News: Teen dies after drinking too many caffeinated beverages

Daily Mail: Obama's sex secrets laid bare: How he considered a gay fling " Now we understand his passion for bearded men wearing Turbans!!!!"

CBS News: Israel strikes Iran-supplied arms depot near Damascus: (Bache ha! This "boycott israel bar code "thing ain't working!!)

Daily mail: Iran nuclear deal has 'failed' says Tillerson : death warrant for treaty with Iran

Hannity debates Gays and Lesbian rights in Iran with Iranian Imam.

Daily Mail: Iran and Russia threaten to react to US 'aggression' :(PooPoo_Tin and his Malijak are shaken and hurt by Donald's Tomahawks!!)

Syrian survivor to Trump: Thank you