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Free Beacon: Netanyahu to People of Iran: ‘We Are Your Friend’

NBC News: Trump Administration Plans New Sanctions Against Iran "Thank You Mr. President"

FOX News: North Korean prisoners look like 'walking skeletons' in Kim Jong Un's labor camps. ---"Kim Fat Joon ate all their Korean BBQ with Kimchi!!"

bbc: Barcelona: Van rams crowds in Ramblas tourist area " Allah O Hitler! Muslims act of solidarity with charlottesville KKK!!"

bbc: Trump to North Korea: Be very, very nervous. ---"N. Korea's Kim-Joon-Fuc-his-Koon: For Allah sake! Can someone impeach this guys and bring me back my Hussein Obama?!!!"

CBS News: Trump signs sweeping sanctions bill targeting Russia, Iran and North Korea. "Thank you mr President"

LA Times: Iran angered by report that Trump wants additional nuclear inspections. "Trita Joon, Impeach this one!!!"

Observer: Russians Consider Trump’s Possible Military Strike on Iran. "Seyed, May the girl Scouts of America come to your rescue! Arbab Poo-Poo Tin can only "consider""

FOX News: John McCain has brain tumor, hospital says "ISIS, NIAC, Beshar Assad, Javad Zarif and Ali Khayeh many and their Sandis Talab crowd on internet masturbating with joy!!!"

FOX News: France and US must unite in standing up to Iran