Flock of birds

By the Inca Wall.


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Mourning for Charlie Rose :)

Plaza Nazarenas. 

Bashar Assad hugs Putin as they declare victory in Syria

Putin to speak with Trump after meeting with Syrian President Assad (CNN)



Ahmad & 175 Nobels

175 Nobel Laureates have written to the Ambassador to the Mission of Iran to the United Nations making a plea for the release of Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali, a Disaster and Emergency Medicine physician.  Dr. Djalali is an Iranian living in Sweden with his wife and family and was arrested, charged and sentenced to death accused of “collaborating with a hostile government.”  Dr. Djalali has denied these charges.




Stand still

In the garden.

War and Peace

Don't bother me with your crazy world.

The Beauty of Peace



Let me take a picture first :)

Yes we can!

Peru qualifies for World Cup after 36 years.