In the Line of Duty

Kellyanne Conway and Amir Abbas Fakhravar - Washington DC, January 19, 2017

Kellyanne Conway and Amir Abbas Fakhravar - Washington DC, January 19, 2017

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HEZBEH BAAD: "Shahrvand" Reza Pahlavi Dumps Amir Abbas Fakhravar

BBC gaffe

BBC gaffe shows children's show subtitles during Donald Trump inauguration

Fashion Trends

Left: Shah and Shahbanou Farah State Visit to Germany 1967 


Right: President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Inauguration 2017


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Obama's Farewell

Barack Obama peers out toward the White House as he is flown on Executive One, the helicopter known as Marine One when it carries the president, after departing from the US Capitol on Friday. 

Photographer ? 


Comparing Two Inaugurations

Left: 2009 President Obama's Inauguration

Right: 2017 President Trump's Inauguration

Feyzullah Mirza Qajar was executed by the Bolsheviks

Feyzulla Mirza Qajar, an officer of "Wild Division". 1905

Feyzullah Mirza Qajar (b. December 15, 1872 - d. 1920) - was a prince of Persia's Qajar dynasty and an Imperial Russian and Azerbaijani military commander, having the rank of Major-General.

In the Russian imperial army, he was the commander of the 1st Caucasian Native Cavalry Division, and the commander of Ganja garrison in the army of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Feyzullah Mirza Qajar was executed by the Bolsheviks after the Red Army invasion of Azerbaijan.

Rest In Peace.

Coca Marmalade & Chocolate Strawberry Jam

Coca Marmalade: Surprisingly delicious.
Chocolate Strawberry Jam: Not surprisingly delicious.

Day of Mourning

Tehran fire: Twenty firemen killed as high-rise collapses (bbc)

Mojgan Shajarian ~ Enchanting Melodies of Persia

As a part of Stanford University's Pan Asian Music Festival, multi-talented singer Mojgan Shajarian will perform on Saturday February 4 with a hand-selected ensemble that will showcase the living tradition of Persian classical music. Her singing will be complemented by the drums of renowned percussionist Pejman Hadadi, virtuoso setar player Amir Nojan, and expert gheychak player Hamed Afshari for a rare collaboration that cannot be missed!


For more information and tickets visit Stanford Live



Fared Shafinury Concert, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, January 28, 2017