Trump's new Communications Director on the Mexico wall

Poor Machu Picchu

KFC branch in central Cusco.

Clinton gathering dirt against Trump

Bill Clinton in Peru in 2015:

LIMA, Peru, November 11, 2015 (AP) — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is in Peru's capital visiting a project that gives rural Andean women sales training and provides them with products such as nutritious foods, pharmaceuticals and solar-powered lamps.

The Chakipi Acceso program targets remote Quechua-speaking villages. A statement from the Clinton Foundation says the women sell the products to people in the communities, providing essential goods that otherwise would be hard or impossible to come by.

Clinton met with the women and learned how they were trained and selected their products >>>

Hello Kitty

Today, Plaza San Blas.

Silver medalists

The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan that was initially denied entry to the United States for an international competition is taking home the silver medal.

Deported Iranian "cancer researcher"

So-called Iranian "cancer researcher" receiving Supreme Leader's chafieh for his loyalty to the Islamic Republic

Bosom Buddies

Plaza  San Blas.

Fashion model Manijeh

NY Times:

"Disabled Iranian woman who’s overcome tremendous hardship mocked for aspiring to be a model"

Blog with video in Persian about Manijeh here

Here comes the son of the sun

The Incas considered their king, the Sapa Inca, to be the "son of the sun."

Speaking of Women and Saudis

Here's how a woman shows up in public, in 100+ degree weather while the guy wears shorts and a T-shirt. So, the woman who dares to waer a mini-skirt with no hejab in that shit-hole has bigger balls than most men here, there, everywhere!