New Moon

Over city lights last night. 

View from Peru Bar

Last night, at the bottom of my street, Calle Choqechaka.

Good riddance to bad rubbish

History will never ever forget the bitter shameful fact that he was the facilitator, if not one of the main architects of theTalibans in Afghanistan...


Andean Cedar

Plaza San Francisco.

49th day of hunger strike

Must act NOW: Atena critically ill on DAY 49 of hunger strike. She is a prisoner of conscience; release her!

Smelling the rose

Soraya in the garden yesterday.

Hijabed for Papa Francis

Go Grandma Go!

Inca wall, Calle Maruri.

Mass Murderer

 Manchester mass murderer, Salman Abedi.



Bolivian Poncho

At Arte Antropologia on Calle Ruinas.