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Evidence to Rising popularity of Omid Dana's programs

BOOK: Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Empire of Iran - The Pahlavi Era by O James Younessi

Shahrvand Reza's "Globalist" Malijak latest "groundbreaking" Anti Trump comment ...

The Shah's Regret

BBC Persian makes sure nobody can comment on biased Persepolis Celebration Documentary

If only, like the King of Thailand, the Shah had died before the Revolution ...

The Fourth Estate: Like the Shah, Trump was foolish to attack the media

NO SCHINDLER: Why I lost respect for Shimon Peres for comments over Syrian refugees

US Congress Research conclusions on "effectiveness" Crown Prince Reza's NCI

Bitter Truths : Bahman Ghobadi's 2009 public dispute with Abbas Kiarostami


Food of Life
Songs of My Homeland, Honiball Joseph, February 25, 2017 - Cupertino, CA
Fared Shafinury Concert, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, January 28, 2017