Rohani Says Iran Ready To Restore Nuclear Program If U.S. Persists

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Iran says could restart nuclear programme "in hours" if US ups sanctions

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Iran to spend $520 mn on boosting missile program & elite corps

The Iranian parliament has approved a bill to counter “terrorist and adventurous actions” of the US in the region. The legislation includes increased spending on Tehran's missile development and Revolutionary Guards.

Iraqi Kurdistan at the Crossroads, A Report on Civil Society

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Memories of partition: A dangerous escape to India

Ram Prakash Verma was a teenager when India and Pakistan became two separate nations in 1947 in a violent transition from British colonial rule that left as many as one million people dead. He told Al Jazeera about the events of that chaotic period and how he and his family narrowly made it to India from Pakistan.

Jerusalem's Old City: Concern over Jewish expansion

There’s renewed concern Jewish settlers are trying to gain more control in all quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. It follows a court ruling in Israel over the sale of three buildings. Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Jerusalem.