Ma Mama

Vox Populi: In this imaginative animated video, two lovers explore a patterned jungle world and meet some animal friends along the way. Director Katy Wang says, “I had so much fun creating the visuals for this lovely catchy tune by French band Toto Bona Lokua.” Animation: Katy Wang, Lois de Silva, Martha Halliday, Hannah McNally, and Maria Morris Production: Partizan

Iran's water crisis

FRANCE 24: It's an environmental issue that's become a thorny political problem. Iran has been experiencing severe drought for several years. A growing population, increased water consumption and government mismanagement are all to blame. Scientists warn that if nothing is done, Iran could reach a state of extreme water stress by 2040. So will Iran's drought be a catalyst for change? The Down ...

U.S. Withdrawal from Human Rights Council “Imminent” After U.N. Condemns Israel for Gaza Massacre

democracynow.org - The Trump administration will reportedly withdraw the United States from the U.N.'s Human Rights Council. Reuters reports the decision is “imminent” and comes after the U.N. General Assembly voted 120 to 8 on Wednesday to condemn Israel over its massacre of Palestinians protesting nonviolently against Israel's occupation. We speak with Philip Alston, the United ...

Morocco v Iran

FIFA TV:Morocco substitute Aziz Bouhaddouz scores stoppage-time own goal. Iran take on Spain next, Morocco face Portugal

Trump Salutes N. Korean General

Antarctica ice melting faster than ever

FRANCE 24: A recent report by an international team of scientists shows that between 1992 and 2011, Antarctica lost nearly 84 billion tons of ice a year. Since 2012, the rate increased to more than 241 billion tons a year.

Assad: Iran bases are necessary

Ruptly:Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he would 'not hesitate to allow' Iranian military bases in the country if it is deemed ‘necessary,’ during an interview with the Iranian al-Alam news channel in Damascus on Thursday. Assad pointed out although ‘Iran fought and Iran defended the Syrian people, shedding their own blood’, ‘there are no regular Iranian ...

Why Iran’s World Cup Team Bought Its Own Jerseys | NYT News

Major brands typically pay millions of dollars to outfit national soccer teams. But international sanctions and pressure on Iran have forced its World Cup squad to take a do-it-yourself approach to its uniforms.

The Trump Administration's Post-JCPOA Iran Policy

Noam Chomsky - Is Iran a Threat?

Noam Chomsky speaks at Brown University, sponsored by Common Ground - April 20, 2010.Filmed by Paul Hubbard Additional camera - Robert Malin. Full session here.