President Bush: The Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In The World

The Earth is full

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French cinema legend Danielle Darrieux dies aged 100 (bbc)

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Gord Downie dies at 53: The Tragically Hip frontman was more than just a rock star

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The Myth of Free Will

'Societal conditioning' might sound like either a grim Orwellian brainwashing technique or a fancy new way to wash your hair, depending on how warped your sense of humor is. But your surroundings—from the breakfast cereal you eat to the very design of the streets you live on—might have much more influence on how you think than most have ever given it credit for. Robert Sapolsky ...

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

Kissinger says Trump could go down in history as "a very considerable president"

Henry Kissinger, a former national security advisor and former secretary of state, says Trump is "a phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen," and that one could imagine something new and remarkable emerging during his presidency. "I'm not saying it will," he said. "I'm saying it's an extraordinary opportunity."