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Today: Andean Condors in Colca Canyon

Today I was with a tour at southern Peru's Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the wold at3,270 metres, and filmed these Andean Condors. Magnificent creatures.

Iranian Foreign Minister on Americans detained in Tehran

CBS interview with Mohammad Javad Zarif BRENNAN: So I want to ask you about some of the prisoners in this country and in - in your country. There are about five Americans being held in Tehran including a scholar from Princeton, an 81 year old man who we've talked about Baquer Namazi, who is of failing health. What are their conditions right now? ZARIF: Well, as you, as you pointed out there...

One tree one year

A year-long observation reveals the secret life of a tree and its animal visitors. An inspired filmmaking experiment, One Tree, One Year observes a year in the life of a beech tree in Italy’s National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. Filmed continuously through the changing seasons, the short documentary glimpses several species – including wild boar, Italian wolves and Marsican...

"Doctor's in the house"...

"Stay woke, bitches"...

Mohammad Javad Zarif on possible nuclear deal pullout

Deadly Land Corridor from Tehran to the Mediterranean

Viral Video: Iranian Woman Seized For Not Wearing Hijab

Viral Video: Iranian Woman Seized For Not Wearing Hijab

Persian words in Bulgarian language