Shirin: Papirosn

PAPIROSN (Cigarettes); Yiddish words by HermanYablokoff (tune, trad. Bulgarian). This song by "DerPoyets" (The Clown), HermanYablokoff, tells the tale of an orphaned cigarette peddler freezing in the rain on a street corner. Papirosn long ago entered the folk tradition, with several variants. One is the doina or lament in Rumanian-Yiddish style; another is a rollicking ...

Shirin: Una noche en Cusco "A night in Cusco"

A night in Cusco "A night in Cusco" In 1913, Peruvian song writer Daniel Alomía Robles composed "El Cóndor Pasa", and the song was first performed publicly at the Teatro Mazzi in Lima The song was originally a musical piece in the Peruvian zarzuela (musical play), El Cóndor Pasa. Piano version performed by SHIRIN

Hafez Nazeri: Creation (Om): Dark Matter

A short video shot with the iPhone 6S at the Stars Valley of Qeshm Island, Iran. Shot by a friend from Bandar Abbas, directed and played by myself, Mahdi Ehsaei. Music piece by master Hafez Nazeri - Creation Dark Matter. Track: "Creation (Om): Dark Matter" Album: "Rumi Symphony Project: Untold" Artists: Hafez Nazeri, Paul Neubauer, Matt Haimovitz, Glen Velez, Rumi Symphony ...

Shirin: Csárdás

Reginald de Koven Csárdás Performed by SHIRIN

Keiko Matsui: Secret Forest

Just chill and listen to this beautiful music. It's hard being an armchair warrior!

Demis Roussos : Morir al lado de mi amor

Robert John : Sad Eyes

Shirin: String of Pearls, piano version

String of Pearls by Jerry Gray Performed by SHIRIN

Sia: Move Your Body

Shirin: warsaw piano concerto

The Warsaw Concerto is a single-movement piano concerto written for the 1941 film Dangerous Moonlight (also known under the later title Suicide Squadron). It was written by British composer Richard Addinsell. The orchestration was by another Briton, Roy Douglas. Piano version Performed by SHIRIN


Food of Life
Mahsa Vahdat Concert, Cowell Theater, San Francisco, April 22, 2017
Mahsa Vahdat Concert, Cowell Theater, San Francisco, April 22, 2017