Shirin: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious piano version

Richard M. Sherman Robert B. Sherman Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Performed by SHIRIN THOMAS

Shirin: Carmina Burana (2) piano version

Carl Orff Carmina Burana (2) Performed by SHIRIN THOMAS (Pianos)

Shirin: Carmina Burana

CARL ORFF Carmina Burana Choreography: Tamir Ginz Soundtrack played by SHIRIN THOMAS Piano

Shirin: La vie en rose

Louis Guglielmi La Vie en rose Performed by SHIRIN KERSTIN Piano Percussions

Julie London: My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Groucho Marx in [this] show said that there are very few songs written for fathers. Most songs are about women and mothers. Then he named a few and sang a couple of songs for fathers. When naming 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy' he noted it was a sexy song. Then added a sexual song not incestual song. There is a ground for this clarification! Another hit song written by Cole Porter.

Shirin: Brahms Waltz No. 15

Johannes Brahms Sixteen Waltzes, Op. 39 No. 15 in A major Performed by SHIRIN

Michael Nesmith : Cruisin'

Erik Satie: Once Upon A Time In Paris

Shirin: Chim chim chero

Richard M. Sherman Robert B. Sherman Chim chim chero from Mary Poppins Performed by SHIRIN, Piano THOMAS, Clavinova

Florida Georgia Line: Simple

The way your fingers fit in mine It’s five plus five, not rocket science This day in time, that’s hard to find It’s true the road we’re on ain’t a traffic jam It’s a Sunday drive on a piece of land It’s paradise as long as I’m with you [Chorus] It’s like one, two three Just as easy as can be Just the way you look at me You make me ...