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The Oscars are supposed to reward the best films and performances of the year. But there are many examples where film buffs look back and think: "Really?" One of the biggest travesties occurred in 1959 when Gigi, a sub-My Fair Lady musical, won nine Oscars. Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, went home with nothing. —Film Critics Ian Youngs & Will Dahlgreen
America is deeply divided, but it’s not divided between fascists and Democrats. It’s more accurate to say that America is divided between the elites and everybody else. Trump’s election was a rejection of the elites. That’s not to say plenty of progressives don’t vehemently oppose Trump. But the crowds of demonstrators share something in common with our political and media elites: they still don’t understand how Trump got elected, or why millions of Americans continue to support him.—John D Davidson, The Guardian
In his 1987 book, The Art of the Deal, Mr Trump explained what he saw as the keys to good negotiating. One of them was to be nice, but "fight back hard" if you think you're being treated unfairly. Another is to never show weakness. "The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it," he writes. "That makes the other guy smell blood, and you're dead."—Anthony Zurcher on Donald Trump the "Un-Diplomat"
Instead of being thankful to the United States for these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened. As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice. The Obama Administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions—including weapons transfers, support for terrorism, and other violations of international norms. —National Security Adviser Mike Flynn
500 000 Syrians murdered in Cold Blood under President Obama's Idle Foreign Policy. Not One Hashtag, Not One Protest, but a temporary travel ban by Trump and it's evil. # SMH—Comment found on FB
“We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel."—Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked
I believe Mrs Alidoosti should first stand up to the IRI for getting us here today. During the era of the Shah whom so many still call a "dictator" and can't stop criticizing, Iranians didn't need visas to most countries and Iranians holding Iranian passports were treated with respect,but now we are branded as terrorists.... Go to the source of "OUR" problem stop blaming others.— Iranian American Roxanne Ganji
"Glad the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead and gone. Now is the time to develop a new trade policy that helps working families, not just multi-national corporations, If President Trump is serious about a new policy to help American workers then I would be delighted to work with him."—Bernie Sanders
Isn't the liberal left engaged in it's own version of post factual approach ? This left-liberal arrogance explodes at its purest in the new genre of political-commentry-comedy talk shows (Jon Stewart, John Oliver…) that mostly enact the pure arrogance of the liberal intellectual elite. This kinda half joking, very arrogant and so on .... this to me is the ultimate failure of the left. This patronizing, making fun of the ordinary people. —Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek
The liberal media would like Trump’s presidency to go directly from inaugural address to Watergate. Don't bet on it.—Niall Ferguson


Food of Life
Songs of My Homeland, Honiball Joseph, February 25, 2017 - Cupertino, CA
Death Belongs to Others, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, March 5, 2017