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Live Without Pretending , Love Without Depending, Listen Without Defending, Speak Without Offending—Anonymous Poet
The US Middle East team is reportedly eyeing four Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem as the basis of a Palestinian capital there. The conflict is not anywhere close to a resolution, for myriad reasons. But I am optimistic that the overdue step of locating the US Embassy in Jerusalem can actually bring closer the day when the issue long deemed the hardest in the conflict to solve may in fact become the most obvious. And that would only advance the cause of achieving a conflict-ending deal.—Daniel B. Shapiro, Obama's ambassador to Israel
US now accounts for 34% of all global arms sales, up from 30% five years ago, and are now at their highest level since the late 1990s. The United States that is extending its lead as the globe's number one arms exporter,—Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
"You know what I want to do? I want to get it finished. The prize I want is victory for the world. Not for even here, I want victory for the world ’cause that’s what we’re talking about. So, that’s the only prize I want.” —Donald Trump on his chances of getting the Nobel Peace Prize
George Clooney, praises Iranian cinema as “the only original one” in the world. But he ignores the fact that the films he admires, seen in festivals in the West, are never shown inside Iran itself and that many Iranian cineastes are in jail or in exile. The pop star Madonna sings the ghazals of Persian Sufi poet Rumi and admires Iran. She ignores the fact that under the Khomeinist regime, Sufis are assassinated or in jail or forced into silence. —Amir Taheri
History — and in particular, the American voter — has a way of calling forth the right person to lead at the right time. Trump is a flawed man — self-indulgent, megalomaniacal, a bit paranoid, driven by self-interest and implacably domineering. But these “flaws” also make him a big character, and as he prepares to confront Kim and the other great tyrants of the age, Americans can feel assured that they have chosen the right man for the moment.—Keith Koffler, NBC
Most people are extras in their own movie instead of being stars in their own life !—Bob Proctor
"Democracy is a very difficult thing for a country that does not have a democratic tradition, But Iranians are ready to learn it. Khomeini is an Islamic Gandhi. He is at the axis of our movement, and his greatest achievement will have been to have overthrown the regime. But there must be a democratic republic. In the Iranian character, miracles always happen at the last moment. I hope one will happen again."—Daryush Shayegan, to TIME Correspondent David Jackson (1979)
"Tillerson and I 'disagreed on things' like the Iran deal"—President Donald Trump
"NRA has great power over you people, but has less power over me".—Donald Trump Trump at odds with Republican lawmakers