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bbc: French cinema legend Danielle Darrieux dies aged 100

nbc: Jason Jorjani: Richard Spencer's Former Business Partner Says Altright Corporation is Due For “Implosion"

HAARETZ.COM, Jonathan S. Tobin : Hate Donald Trump. Love his stance on Iran

bbc: AR GOH : Ben Affleck apologises for 'groping' MTV host Arabian Gulf ? Trump Trolls Iranians by Swapping One Word

RTS: Audio: Crown Prince Reza's interview with Swiss RTS, Niall Ferguson: Niall Ferguson: Donald Trump the Rino merrily stomps on his own party French Mission Expected to Realign With New Iranian Gov’t

Free Beacon : Obama Admin Hid Intel on Iranian Militants in Syria to Push Nuclear Deal

Kayhan London Potkin Azarmehr: Revolutionary Arson 19th August 1978: 470 Burnt Alive