VOA Persian Exclusive Interview: Brian Hook

interview U.S. Special Representative for Iran on new sanctions on Iran.

China demands release of detained Huawei executive

The Chinese foreign ministry demands the US revoke the arrest warrant for a detained Huawei top executive. Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver on a US request. Washington wants the chief financial officer extradited for allegedly violating US sanction

Mike Flynn, Bijan Kian & Turkey

Rachel Maddow shows how disgraced Trump NSA Mike Flynn changed his position on Turkey, as well as U.S. policy on Turkish issues, when they started paying him, and wonders if Flynn's colleague and Trump transition official Bijan Kian will seriously be the only person charged despite warnings received and apparently ignored by high ranking Trump officials.

Why are nuclear experts being targeted by Iran hackers?

Dr. Jamsheed Choksy: Zoroaster and Zoroastrianism

Western Civilization, Texas Tech University: Shahs, ayatollahs, and protestors come to mind as stereotypical images of Iran in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Yet contemporary Iran has been shaped not just by kings, clergy, and uprisings. This topic discusses how the country's geography, natural resources, international relations, and domestic changes combined with foreign influences...

The Golden Desert: Iran in 4K

Reza Nazemi:In addition to beaches, jungles, mountains and green areas, there are multiple and beautiful deserts in central parts of Iran. Beautiful Maranjab Desert is one of the most popular deserts of Iran that attracts many tourists from Iran and other countries every year. The Maranjab Desert is located in Aran va Bidgol, Iran and around 60 km north-east of Kashan. Maranjab Aran and ...

Economy and Iran Forming New Partnerships in Israel and [Persian] Gulf

Dozens of Labor Activists Arrested in Iran

Extreme Tailbone Pain

CodePink co-founder on Iran: Not What You Think it Is

CodePink co-founder and author of "Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran," talks about her book and the myths and misconceptions that exist about the country and the Trump administration's dismantling of the Iran nuclear agreement.