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LA Times: U.S. forces shoot down Iranian drone over Syria. "Putin, are you gonna do anything to protect your local whores ali khamenei and Beshar assad?!!""

bbc: Russian jet 'flies 5ft from US spy plane' over Baltic Sea "!!!فلان جای پوتین بد جوری به خارش افتاده"

Fox News: Navy jet shoots down Syrian warplane that attacked US-backed rebels "They didnt tell Beshar that Hussein has retired to Wikiki!!!!"

bbc: London fire: Six killed as Grenfell Tower engulfed (No terrorism! No Allah O Akhbaaaaar!!They were just preparing a Halal BBQ for Iftar!!!)

Robert Spencer: Reza Aslan exposed: NIAC confirmed as front group for Iran’s bloody Islamic regime

bbc: Trump claims credit for Qatar isolation (And the credit for isolating muslim terrorists is all yours Mr. President)

bbc: Boris Johnson rejects calls to axe President Trump's state visit. (Boris, make Sharia Khan to take the I/Q test!!!!)

bbc: Donald Trump challenged London Mayor Sadiq Khan to an IQ test!! (For Allah's sake, it's just a simple IQ test!!!!)

Fox News: Florida "Neo Nazi" murder suspect tells police his roommates 'disrespected' Islam. "Hitler O Akbar!!!"

bbc: Trump : Iran will never have nuclear weapons (Bache ha! while you were focused on Melanie not holding Donald's hand, he concreted your Nuclear mouth!!!)