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Joined on November 21, 2016

Daily mail: Israeli bomber jets 'kill 12 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard' in Syrian airstrike (Smart Bombs used on not so smart Terrorists! Benjamin Mochakerim)

BBC: Syria chemical attack: Trump cancels Latin America trip "Sleepless nights for Ali Hitler, Chemical Assad, and Putin . Will Stormy Daniel come to their rescue?!!"

CBC: Syria, Russia blame Israel for airstrike on Syrian base that killed 4 Iranians. "Here comes John Bolton !"

Times of Israel: At least 10 of the 15 killed at Gaza border were members of terror groups

seeking alpha: John Bolton In - Iran Deal Out آخوند ها دیگر باید دنبال سوراخ موش باشند چون از این بولتون خشن تر پیدا نمیشه بزودی حلوای آخوندها را میخوریم

Vox: US forces reportedly killed more than 100 Russian mercenaries inside Syria "Trump showing the pussy cat putin who's the boss!!!"

infowars: Trump Stands Up For Iranian People, Obama Failed To Do Same-- "Persian speaking Arabs never understand why we Iranians Love Trump so much"

independent: Trump administration cuts aid to Palestinians by more than half "No more of my hard earned Tax $$$ for palistinian terrorists! Thank you Mr President"

NY Times: Doctor Declares Trump’s Health Excellent, With Perfect Score on Cognitive Test

Reuters: Netanyahu wishes success to Iran protesters, denies Israeli involvement.