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Reagan on Mexico Border Wall

I hope we can again rely on humility, on our need to cooperate, on our dependence on each other ...

Fortune: The U.S. Is the Unhappiest It’s Ever Been - Trump Depression Syndrome!

USA Today: 59 graves vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts, police say - Trumpizoids Whistling Past the Graveyard!

Haaretz: Malaysia Has Become Hub for Iranian Activity, Western Intel Suggests

HuffPo: Mexicans Are Stealing Border Wall Materials, Using Them For Home Security - Mexico Paying for it?

CNN: New Mueller probe revelations explain Trump's rage - His Mouth is Serviced!

Reuters: U.S. grants Iraq 90-day waiver to buy Iranian energy - Happy NoRooz from Trump to Khamenei!

Gipsy Kings:  Bamboleo