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Aljazeera: Russia to send S-300 missile defence systems to Syria - Here you go!

MEE: Giuliani calls for new Iranian 'revolution' at anti-government rally - MEK Revolution 2.0!

The Hill: Mueller investigating Russian payments made by Trump Tower meeting organizers - Show Me the Money!

Bloomberg: Macron to Meet Trump, Rouhani at UN - Rendezvous in the Loo!

Slate: How Will the President Respond to His Penis Being Described as “the Mushroom Character From Mario Kart”? - Mushroom Doodool-in-Chief!

Examiner: Rubio asks Justice Department to investigate John Kerry's meeting with Iran - Collusion Mollusion!

Persepolis 3-1 Al Duhail

CNN: Kavanaugh's (Trump's candidate) future now hangs in the balance - Mueller Will Make Him Flip!

Bloomberg: Pompeo Hits Iran Leader for Silence on China's Detained Muslims - Changing Regime Behavior!

Tehran Times: French Iranologist Gilbert Lazard dies at 98