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Bijan Kian under Scrutiny

NBC: Mike Flynn business partner Bijan Kian now subject of Mueller probe - Welcome to Hotel Evin!

Reuters: U.S. nuclear general: I would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order - Go to Hell President Trump!

Newsweek: "Fuck Trump" Bumper Sticker Breaks Law, Says Republican Sheriff

Daily Mail: Saudi King to hand over crown to his son next week - Palace Coup Completed! Riyadh Ritz Carlton Full!

Iran 1 - Venezuela 0

Pink Martini:  Omide Zendegani

The Sun: Former Fifa president Sepp Blatter accused of groping US goalkeeper - He liked her Ballon d'Or!

Reuters: Mueller probing alleged Trump's national security advisor plan to deliver cleric to Turkey - Kidnapper-in-Chief!

Iran 2 - Panama 1