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America's Got Talent - Hossein Baghalan Aval

Vox: Trump is considering pardoning himself - !خود ارضایی و دیگر آزاری

LA Times: Exxon Mobil fined $2 million for violating Russia sanctions - Just Follow the Money

USA Today: China has a donkey shortage - Will issue H1B Visas!

abc NEWS: OJ Simpson granted parole for Las Vegas robbery - OJ Joins Trump Cabinet!

NY Post: Trump cancels CIA program to arm Syrian rebels - Putin: "Good Boy Donald!"

The “Evil Spirit” of Iran Nuclear Deal and the “Axis of Evil”

Shirley Bassey:  I Who Have Nothing

One of the things with the wall [on the Mexican border] is you need transparency. You have to be ...

Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Foreign Secretary statement on second anniversary of Iran nuclear deal - Bravo Obama!