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nymag: Donald Trump Jr. Expecting to Be Indicted by Mueller Soon - ترتیب بچه مُزَلّف داده ست!

CNN: Judge orders White House to return Jim Acosta's press pass - Another Crushing Defeat for Trump! The kilogram gets a makeover - New Kilo Coming!

Yahoo: Fox News backs CNN in lawsuit against Trump, wants Acosta's access reinstated - CNN and Acosta Stand Tall!

Reuters: Iraq to exchange food for Iranian gas, seeks U.S. approval - Leaky Airtight Sanctions!

Ardeshir Radpour Rescues Horses from California Fires

WP : Why is Israel tossing a lifeline to Jamal Khashoggi’s killers? - Cause Bin Salman is Pro-Semite!

MW: Trump skips WW I cemetery visit due to wet weather - Shrinking Violet -in- Chief!

Aljazeera: 'I'm suffocating': Khashoggi's last words - Love is Like Oxygen!

Iranian Newsha Syeh turned away from Louvre for her outfit