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Il Trumpché

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White House Bars CNN, NYT, LAT, Politico From Briefing | Deadline

Contrived Platitudes

инаугурация aka Inauguration ;)

Pronounced : inauguratsiya


Coron ... Oops ... Inauguration !

BREAKING NEWS: Russia releases compromising Trump photo with Hooker

BREAKING NEWS: Russia releases photo of DONALD TRUMP with hooker in Russian hotel.....wait....sorry....wrong file....never mind

Weirdest presidential transition in history

The weirdest presidential transitions in history, explained (CNN)


Self-Congratulatory ...

Trump Lama : 'Screw "em" '

Trump adviser on Taiwan call: 'If China doesn't like it, screw 'em' (CNN)



Trump giving

Entente Cordiale ?

Trump Vs. Trudeau: The Game of Politics


Death Belongs to Others, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, March 5, 2017