This morning, on Wednesday, June 7th, armed assailants attacked the Iranian parliament building and the tomb of Khomeini. During this attack, there were both deaths and injuries.

I strongly condemn this brutal attack, and I express my deepest sympathy for the people of Iran, especially the families who have lost their loved ones.

Violence causes violence. Encouraging or sponsoring terror produces nothing but horror. Ruling people by use of terror and deception offers nothing but ruin. We hope to soon return the sovereignty of Iran to the hands of capable people who can save our beloved nation from decline.

These are hard times for Iran. We see the decline of our nation in every corner. I express my sympathy and unbreakable solidarity with the armed forces of Iran -- the soldiers and the guardians -- who's mission is to protect the territory of our country and the lives and property of the people of Iran.

Long Live Iran


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