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Joined on October 10, 2012

The Telegraph: Iran nuclear deal in doubt as world powers fall short on Tehran's demands: To all the Regimeollahies - The Regime Must Fall!

FoxNews: Person captured after scaling Statue of Liberty following anti-ICE protests

CNS News: As Pompeo Voices Support for Protesting Iranians, Regime’s Foreign Minister Trolls Him on Twitter

US News and World Report: U.S. Sanctions Aim to Turn Iranians Against Government: Khamenei

NextBig Future: Iran weakening with big protests, economic problems and Israel could be building up to attack: Not could but shall attack!

Mirror: Mexico's goal celebration against Germany 'causes an EARTHQUAKE' as fan reaction sparks seismic activity:This is called a real upset - not that صلواتی win by IRI against Morocco!

The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.: U.S. Supreme Court backs Christian baker who spurned gay couple: No Cake for You!

FoxNews: Denny's customer arrested after allegedly slapping waitress' butt: Keep your hands to yourself

Newsweek: Israel Says Europe Can ‘Go to a Thousand, Thousand Hells’ for Criticizing Violence Against Protesters: Thousand Thousand is Million

CNN: Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment: The Darling of the Left