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cbsnews: White House restores Jim Acosta's press pass, but institutes new rules for journalists - Yet another gooh khordam from this admin

fortune: Melania Trump Spent $174,00 on Hotels During a Trip to Canada. She Didn't Stay Overnight - High end escort costing the nation a lot of $$$$ - filling the swamp

NYpost: Ian David Long’s chilling final Facebook post before California bar shooting - Lets pray more see if that gets us anywhere

abcnews: In setback, Pompeo's North Korea meetings called off without explanation - Art of a deal, how to get shafted by NK chapter

Seth Meyers on the Democrats' blue wave: 'It was at least a blue ripple' -

thedailybeast: Millionaire Rudy Giuliani Cries Poor in Divorce Court After Spending Big on Alleged Mistress - Time for another speech for MEK allegedly paid by AIPAC

nbc: Trump unloads on CNN journalist Jim Acosta: 'You are a rude, terrible person - And this is the leader of our country, he puts Ahmadinejad to shame

slate: Meet the Republican Party’s Newest Rising Star: a Nevada Brothel Owner Who’s Been Dead for Three Weeks - Mosht nemooneh khalvareh

huffington: Jamal Khashoggi’s Sons Ask For Their Father’s Body To Be Returned - Oops, we dissolved him, he is in a jar of acid, would you like him that way?

huffington : Melania Trump Spokeswoman Furious About Report On $95,000 Cairo Hotel Tab - He was supposed to drain the swamp not fill it to the top