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CNN: Giuliani says he is joining Trump's legal team to help bring Mueller probe to a conclusion: Raise your arms and drop your pants, Mueller!

CNN: Baboons break out of a research center using a barrel and savor a fleeting taste of rebellion

1979 Iranian Devolution/AnGholab/US Coup

CNN: Trump considering firing Animal Rosenstein to check Animal Mueller

Frank Sinatra:  Reaching for the moon

Ben Webster -:  Over the rainbow

The Maxine Waters Loony Tune Show Continues Her Dumbest Video Yet!

FoxNews: Iran spends billions on weapons programs, terrorism while ignoring Iranians' basic needs, report finds

AP: A year of historic change in Saudi Arabia, with more to come

FoxNews: Guatemala follows in Trump's footsteps, announces embassy move to Jerusalem: زنده باد گواتمالا