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FoxNews: Northam vows to finish term, even as top Dems demand he step down over yearbook photo: DemocRATic Party at its best!!!

FoxNews: Man claims he heard penis 'snap' during traumatic injury

FoxNews: California hot dog stand attack: Man suspected of punching 2 women turns himself in: Arka Sangbarani Oroojian - Iroonie Armenian!?

The Sun: CRUSTY COGS Sex robot owners swap USED parts and sell ’bruised, battered dolls’ on creepy online forum

FoxNews: Cure for cancer? Israeli scientists claim to be on brink of development

AP: The Latest: Venezuelan military attache breaks with Maduro: Latino Sad'dam Hussein is about to collapse!

Yahoo Science: Earth's oldest discovered... on the Moon:

FoxNews: How socialism turned Venezuela from the wealthiest country in South America into an economic basket case:Those Iranians who prescribe socialism for Iran, take heed!

FoxNews: American Airlines kicks family off flight because passengers complained of body odor

FoxNews: Fox News Poll: President Trump’s ratings after two years in office: President trump - you are doing great. Keep on truckin!