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WP: Trump hires Giuliani, two other attorneys amid mounting legal turmoil over Russia - List of clients include the terrorist group MEK

aljazeera: Jewish settlers torch Al-Sheikh Saada mosque - watch ZioNazi in action

aljazeera: Musta'ribeen, Israel's agents who pose as Palestinians - No mystery on Israeli agent on Iroondotcom

reuters: Palestinian in Israeli sniper video denies instigating violence - ZioNazi investigating the filming but not the shooting

Independent: Israeli forces caught in video shooting Palestinian man then whooping - Watch the video, Congrats to Fred & co and their regime. Only ISIS or Nazi could be expected to carry such atrocity.

WP: Trump congratulates Egypt’s Sissi after what critics call a sham election - So much for the leader of "free world" - laughable indeed

WP: For Israel, there’s little political cost to killing Palestinians - The ZioNazi does what the Nazis did best, murdering opponents

ynetnews: IDF to place West Bank, Gaza under general closure during Passover - ZioNazi treatment of the occupied people

the hill: Mueller team reveals Manafort business associate’s connection to Russian intel service - witch hunt, only hunting for the witch in the WH

VOA: With First Death in Riyadh, Saudi-led War in Yemen Hits Home - Live by the sort, die by the sort