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QZ: Trump’s ever-changing plan to discuss Iran at the UN is classic White House chaos - Should be great week for the comedians

bbc: Michigan professor embroiled in Israel boycott row - support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement

nytimes: How Israel Undermined Washington and Stalled the Dream of Palestinian Statehood - Choosing Occupation over peace hence BDS movement

WSJ: Top U.S. Diplomat Backed Continuing Support for Saudi War in Yemen Over Objections of Staff - The accomplice in the war crimes against humanity

USATODAY: American professor detained by Israel in West Bank scuffle - Resisting ZioNazi military on destroying people' s home, a hero in my book

businessinsider: 'You should be more worried about Paul Manafort meeting with Robert Mueller': John Kerry fends off Trump's attacks on his meeting with Iranian officials - Chickens are slowly coming home to roost

reuters: Israeli troops kill boy, two men in Gaza protests: medics - ZioNazi military on its murdering kids

the daily beast: Speed Read: ‘Obama Jews’ and Other Shocking Highlights From New Manafort Docs - Can it get any worse.... oh yeah

salon: Michael Avenatti asks Tucker Carlson on Fox News: “How do you have a show and you’re this ignorant?” - Easy, considering his audience and the network, Faux News

politico : Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort reaches plea deal - Manafort may prove to be a higher category than Florence