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independent: Israel passes Jewish nation law branded 'racist' by critics - Jewish Republic of Israel,, now is not just in practice but name as well.

newsweek: TRUMP REFUSES TO CALL RUSSIA AN ADVERSARY BECAUSE THEY 'REALLY HELPED US' DURING WORLD WAR II - Not to forget they have the most beautiful for Golden showers in the world

Independent: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prompts outrage in US for accurately referring to Israel's 'occupation' of Palestinian territory - Just check the UN if you don't know military "occupation of Palestine"

AOL: Obama deplores leaders who lie with 'utter loss of shame' - AN could take some lessons from this charlatan-in-chief

NYTIMES: Mariia Butina, Who Sought ‘Back Channel’ Meeting for Trump and Putin, Is Charged as Russian Agent - The more you stir it, the more it stinks

CBS: Trump defends Putin from claims of election interference - I feel so much more at ease now knowing the Putin assured us they did not engineered a regime change in the US

aljazeera: Israeli forces kill 15-year-old Palestinian, wound scores - ZioNazi killing spree continues with impunity

thinkprogress: Trump tells blatant lie about NATO, then takes credit for Obama-era agreement -tRump and lie, naaaah

aljazeera: Irish senate backs law banning trade with Israeli settlements - BDS all the way until the ZioNazi regime has respected international law

Hill: Poll: Obama tops list ranking best president in Americans' lifetime - i hear Russians believe tRump is the best President