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the hill: Presidential historian: Trump now with Andrew Johnson as 'most racist president in American history'

houstonchronical: Justice Department will not charge police in connection with Eric Garner's death - of course not, he was African-American

usatoday: Trump's racist rants are too offensive to overlook - watch the Republicans stick their head down and pretend they don't think it and the public who have become numb to this racist

youtube: Will Republicans condemn Trump's attacks on Dem congresswomen?

nbcnews: Drop in Chinese imports of U.S. goods shows trade war damage spreading - The art of f*&king up everything

dailymail: Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama - people deserve the leaders they have

latimes: Trump called Oakland mayor a ‘disgrace’ for revealing ICE raids. Then he did the same thing. - Disgrace is the way he is treating families and children

thehill: Trump changes tune on ex-British ambassador: 'We wish him well' - In another words, گوه خوردم

aljazeera: UN rapporteur urges US action over Khashoggi report

nytimes: ‘It Could Have Been Any of Us’: Disdain for Trump Runs Among Ambassadors - Remember the laughing stock comment