The Guardian:


Maple’s new project, under the working title I Don’t Agree With What You Say, looks back to an exhibition she had in 2008 that addressed her cultural background: her father is white British, her mother is an Iranian Muslim, and she went to a Catholic school in Eastbourne. “I always found it difficult culturally knowing where I fit in,” says the 30-year-old artist, who lives in Crawley. “I wanted to be a ‘good’ Muslim, but I was an immediate outcast for being mixed. And I felt guilty about that.”

The show included a self-portrait of Maple in a hijab smoking a cigarette and, in another, cuddling a pig. “That’s the one that got the main abuse,” she says, looking suddenly serious. “Someone threw a brick through my window. Then I started getting death threats. I like to think I can say what I want, but perhaps, deep down, it did scare me off addressing those things. It’s a form of silencing.”

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