Islam ideology is against Nationalism because nationalism belong to certain geographical border, but Islam is universal. Islamic idea and it’s principles do NOT have border. It is omnipotent, omnipresent with no border. For that reason, shia clerics are trying to export “Islamic revolution” because Islamic principle doesn’t have border. It is widely believed it is universal for all human being from any country or any ethnicity. Solimani’s trips to Arab nations without any affiliation to nationalism was perfectly example of Islamic ideology. He was warmly welcomed by Arab counterparts because sharing Islamic Shia religious value with Arab counterparts.  Otherwise, Arabs wouldn’t allow him to enter in their countries. Soliamani disarm concept of Nationalism. Nantionalims slogans such as "Payandeh Iran" is nonsense as far as Shia clerics concerned. Shia clergies have always been critical of any non Islamic ideology including nationalism. They have had zero tolerance for marxism, nationalims or anyhing that is none Islamic. One of them was critisizing communist organization of Fadaeyans, saying... . “Fadaeyan Khalq” means to be devoted to people, why not devoted to Allah instead of people ?


  In broader aspect, borders do not have meaning in Islamic ideology. Islam came for all human being. It doesn’t belong to certain group of people or certain geographical region. So the slogan of "Payandeh Iran" should be replaced to "Payandeh Islam". 

In the provisional government of Mahandes Bazargan (1979), nationalists took governmental positions. Political figures such as Dr. Karim Sanjabi, who was Mossadegh’s minster of education in 1951,  became minster of foreign affairs in 1979.   Dariush Forhar who was close friend of Mosaddegh also became minister of labour in provisional government. Both of these individual and Dr. Mosaddegh were from national front in 1950’s. Mossadegh attended Dariush Forohar wedding with his wife Parvaneh Eskandari.
Rigth after revolution, Shia clerics changed the name of Valiahd square in Tehran to Dr. Mosaddegh Square. Currently, that square is called "Vali Asr". Then, they started to eliminate nationalists from governmental positions. Then, they arrested them. Some of them went to prisons and some of them such as Dr. Karim Sanjabi ran away. He ran to Paris, then he settled in America.  He lived his final years in suburb of Chicago till his death in 1995. Some other such as Dariush Forohar and his wife Parvaneh Eskandari were misfortunate. They both were assacinated. Mullahs issue decree of execution for both of them. Husband and wife were stabbed to death in their residence in Tehran. Dariush was stabbed 27 times (1998). Once I met their son. He was crying his eyes out while he was describing events leading to his parents' assacination. He was so devastated.

Nationalims and it's party came to picture in late 1940’s as political reaction to British inflluence in Iran. Mosaddegh and his team formed the national front. 
Nationalism was promoted by our late shah among army personnel by the slogan of “Cho Iran Nabashad, tan e man ma bad”. means “if there is no Iran, my body shouldn’t be exist”. Our shah and his legacy of nationalism saved Iran from the hands of Arabs during their invasion in early 1980’s.