In 1963, after the riot in 2 cities of Qom and Tehran, the poltical landscape of Iran divided into two opposite sides.  

On side was shah and his administration who were trying to promote life style, standard living to the level of Europeans or western countries. In that, he was close friend of General De Gaulle in France, Queen Elizabeth in England, and President Nixon in America. Shah dignified the nation by calling them "light of Aryan" among international community. He was identifying to westerners by associating to them. 

On opposite side, there were Shia clergies Mullahs who were lowering the nation to the level of African countries. Therefore, they were idealizing hero and heroine from Afridan nations such as Patrice Lumumba and Jameleh puposha. They were glorifying the writers such as Alex Haley, Frantz Fanon, Langston Hughes, Angela Davis... etc. It was a mind manipulation masterminded by Shia clerics. The message was crytal clear: To hate white people from European descendant. 

Shariatie was a mullah with suit and tie. He managed to attend French university by the scholarship of shahanshahi government. In France, He began to read Frantz Fanon and translated an anthology of his work into Farsi.  He introduced Frantz Fanon thoughts into Iranian revolutionary emigree circles.  

In late 1970's, Alex Haley's book "The root" and Frantz Fanon's book hit the top seller's book in the market while the book of Andre Malraux "The human nature" had a very low rating of sell. 

Andre Malraux was a mininster of culture in Genreal De Gulle administration. He was the one who design the building of Pesian Museum in the heart of Paris. He contribued to Persian culture and Persian history in France by building Persian museum,  but his book was sitting next to Frantz Fanon's book behind the window on Univeristy Ave. in Tehran without any potential buyers. Iranian intellectuals were also admiring black Africans, who had no contribution to Iran history, over Europeans such as Andre Malraux. That was the time tragedy started. That was very sad.

  There is NO similarity between Africans with long history slavery with Iranians. Unlike Africans, Iranians had never been slaves to Europeans, so why they had to identify themselves with Africans ?  Africans had a history of colonization by Europeans. Iran had never been colony and no history of being colonized by Europeans, so why they had to hate Europeans and take a side with black African writers or revolutionary. ? or their skin color. In some part of Iran, people have lighter skin color than many European countries such as Greek, Portugal, Spain or Italy. No reason to hate European like Africans do because of their of their skin color. That simple question never came to the mind of our intellectuals or our youths who fall into trap of Shia clerics mullahs. 

Neverthe less, none of these African writers, revolutionary had any idea about  "political Islam". They were all Marxist Leninist. Frantz Fanon in one of his letter to Shariati hoped Islam helps intellectuals "with the aim of emancipation and the founding of another humanity and another civilalization. "emancipating humanity threatened by alienation and depersonalization".