After eight disastrous years of Obama presidency, when both his ambassadors to UN, Susan Rice and then Samantha Power, were tasked to facilitate his faulty legacy nuke deal no matter what horrendous crimes Islamist fascists committed in Iran, Syria,... Ambassador Nikki Haley is a breath  of fresh air. 

When in 2009 Iranians in their millions were peacefully demonstrating against the Islamist fascist rule, they were looking for America’s backing (video below); Obama’s ambassadors to UN were busy appeasing Islamist fascists.

That is NOT the case with Ambassador Haley; she is the right woman in the right place at the right time Iranians need.

Here she is using her platform amplifying the voices of Iranian protesters who have taken to streets all over the country peacefully demanding the end of the unreformable, expansionist and warmongering Islamist fascism. Thank you Ambassador Haley.  

Above is a blog posted nine months a go. Few hours ago, Ambassador Haley abruptly resigned.

This means not only Trump administration has lost one if its vey few reputable and capable members, it means Iranian freedom seekers have lost their most ardent, well calibrated and honest supporter in the Trump administration.

This will hurt and delay the cause of freedom in Iran and elsewhere. This is a sad day.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.