The joint U.S. - British, more U.S. than British, 1953 operation TPAJAX against Iranian Prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh is the most polarizing controversial event in the contemporary history of Iran and her relationship with U.S. and Britain.

Although the previous administration did not grant permission for the publication of pertinent U.S. State department documents on the coup, with Obama out of office, they were published yesterday by the State Department’s Office of Historian.

Planning and Implementation of Operation TPAJAX, March–August 1953

Lets hope the publication of this batch of documents will help to put an end to that sorry period, which Iran’s nascent experience in democracy was short-circuited.

The direct result of that fiasco is coming to power of Islamist fascism in Iran, its devastating spread to many other regions. 



Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.