The Middeast Peace plan : approved, ratified and  presented to the world and received applauds from all the parties except of course the ones that supposedly had the lion's share of interest in it. Not popular by any standards; Will never be adopted and approved by any arab countries in the region for the obvious reasons.


We have read all the articles and news pieces covering the details and what is in and what is not. We have all had our chances to comtemplate and think deep and share our own ideas and then.. We get people who declare that for so long as there is no solutions to the problems in iran, No iranians should be allowed to express an opinion on this deal and the situation in the middleeast.. Really??

The question is On what basis do they make such an audacious claims? It is not that Many campaigns have been organized to get the help iranians in iran may need to get the job done. It is not as if some serious fund-raising campaings have been instituted to raise adequate funding to make a major dent in the situation down there...

All we have witnessed so far? Well, for lack of a better word, Empty yet passionate talk. Using the supposed power of  words to change the dynamic and create enough enthusiasm for people inside iran to do something!!! take charge ...go all the way. This, Given the sheer number of atrocities commiitted to snuff things out, to literally shut people up and humiliate them.

Let's see if these fellas can put their money where their mouth is and really carve a path and take charge and lead a movement so as to set an standard for the rest of us to follow. Let's hear some practical proposals that sell us more than precious words and Briiliant theories. Let's see what long term, short-term, medium terms plans they have got under their hats , that can bring people together and solve problems. Because the" Iranian taking charge" part of the show is not going to work anymore.!!!!!!!

Until then, These folks and all of us Will need to learn to live in the world that offers practical solutions for all to be happy and content with. In the meantime , work through a process that makes reaching peace in the region a realistic goal, rather than a lofty idea and sheer fantasy they cook up in their intellectual minds.