After the eight disastrous years of Obama presidency, Trump promised to undo the damages done by him and restore America’s position in the world.

To date, all Trump has done is zeroing in on undoing Obama’s good deeds, the environment,  healthcare and such, and just talk trash about his awful foreign policy.  The most despicable one being his faulty legacy nuke deal with the warmongering, international terror sponsoring and uber anti-America/Israel hating Islamist fascists – “reformers” and all rulers of Iran.

To keep his faulty legacy nuke deal with the Islamist fascists’ Führer, whatever crimes they committed, no matter how heinous, Obama looked the other way.

Obama even went as far as opposing designating the Islamist fascists’ Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, the same people who have the blood of many Americans on their hands in addition to so many others in Iran, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon …

Reuters reports what the Armed Forces Chief of Staff of the Islamist fascists’ said today:

 “Counting the Revolutionary Guards the same as terrorist groups and applying similar sanctions to the Revolutionary Guards is a big risk for America and its bases and forces deployed in the region,"

In other words; either do as Obama did with us, let us do as we wish, or else.

Hey Trump, you’re still acting like a candidate, you won the election, you’re the President. whatever you want to do, be it continuing with Obama appeasement or standing up to the unreformable warmongering Islamist fascists, get on with it already.


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.

ps. NIAC Lobby, which does the bidding for the Islamist fascits in America, is at its fear mongering again