The case of the Basiji “cancer researcher” identified and deported on arrival at Boston’s Logan Airport begs number of questions, here are few of them:

1- How can a high profile member of the Islamist fascism’s armed ideological army dedicated to suppress any and all opposition, which is modeled on Nazi’s Brownshirts, get a U.S. visa?

2- Why U.S. mass media does not do its journalistic job of cross checking information before parroting the line put out by the Islamist fascists, and their America based lobbies like NIAC, about the poor “cancer researcher” being deported?

3- How come the question is not asked why Basijies, who routinely chant “death to America/death to Israel”, are sent to America?

4- Are the activities of these rabidly anti-American puppies ideologically brainwashed to hate America/Israel, who currently live in U.S., being tracked by the relevant agencies tasked to safeguard homeland security?

5- Over a million Iranians have had to  migrate, most fled,  to U.S. after the warmongering, international terror sponsoring, Iranian men, women and children murdering Islamist fascists took over Iran - essentially escaping these Basijies and their savage comrades - don’t they have a right to be safe from them here in America?

6- How could John Kerry, the former Secretary of State during Obama presidency, without triple checking, post such a defense of an Islamist Basiji dedicated to destruction of America and does not retract it after truth is known:

“Tragic. A doctor comes to the US to save lives and this happens. This is not who we are.”

7- Does the prevailing anti-Trump atmosphere gives carte blanche to err on the side of the Islamist fascists?



Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.

picture above; Basijis on routine trample America/Israel march.

Ps. Roya Hakakian, author, public speaker and member of Iran human rights documentation center asks:

"How could the reporting staff at the Washington Post fail to mention that this researcher had been a member of the Iranian Basij, which operates under the umbrella of the Revolutionary Guards? Alarmingly sloppy for one of the nation's leading papers."