The actual cost of Obama’s faulty legacy nuke deal with the Islamist fascists’ Führer is not limited to his outrageous appeasement of Islamists’ warmongerings and gross human rights violations, the real cost is the ticking nuke bomb.

Assuming they abide to the letter of the deal, under the Obama faulty deal, Islamist fascists can legally make nuke bomb in less than eight years.

However, that is assuming the warmongering Islamist fascists abide by the deal, and again, assuming the monitoring of their current nuke activities is sufficient and intrusive to the point of knowing all their activities.

The recent Reuters report is not a good sign of thing to come:

“Iran has challenged the need for it to ship sensitive material abroad if its stock exceeds a limit set by its nuclear deal with major powers.

The challenge raises the prospect of a confrontation with the new U.S. administration of President Donald Trump because diplomats say Iran is only months away from reaching that cap.

The 2015 deal restricts Iran's atomic activities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against Tehran. One restriction is on its stock of heavy water, a moderator used in a type of reactor that can produce plutonium, like an unfinished one at Arak that had its core removed under the accord.

Iran has already exceeded the 130-tonne limit on its heavy water stock twice. The latest standoff with Washington over the issue was only defused in December when Iran shipped the excess amount to Oman, where the heavy water is being stored until a buyer can be found.”

I like to take this opportunity to once again condemn Obama’s faulty legacy nuke deal, and to once again warn about the stupidity of assuming Islamist fascists are reformable, hence lifting the sanctions will encourage them to speed up their reforms.

On the contrary, lifting of sanctions has only given them the breathing room and means to speed up and expand their warmongerings and other nefarious activities.  


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.