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1500-Year-Old Bible Found Indicates Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified

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Adopt Nassim from Iran's Vafa Animal Shelter

Friday, 22 February 2013 15:07

Female, Malinois mix, Born in May of 2012, Spayed.

This lovely girl was brought to the shelter when she was a young puppy. She is as sweet and gentle as breeze when you hug her and you can feel how much delicate she is.

She is very kind to people and other animals and avoids of conflicts. Nassim is a smart dog, ready to learn new things and the way of life in a human world.

Adopt Shab Boo from Vafa in Iran

Female German Shepherd mix –Spayed- Born in July of 2012

Her mother was brought to the shelter when she was pregnant. Shab boo is part of a litter that was born in the shelter. She is a fast learner, however a little shy. She is gentle towards people and other dogs. She will need lots of socialization and reward-based training to grow to become a confident and happy dog.

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Food of Life: Saffron Almond Brittle


Adopt Pezhvak from Vafa in Iran

Thursday, 21 February 2013 17:29

Pezhvak (means "Echo" in Persian)

Male, Australian Shepherd mix, born in late August of 2012, soon to neutered.

This lovely boy was rescued by a kind samaritan and brought to the shelter when he was a young puppy. Pezhvak is fast learner, loving, gentle and avoids dog-dog conflicts. He is good around children, people and other small animals.

Pezhvak is looking for a loving forever home where he can get lots of human attention, daily exercise and even doggie sports and games where he gets to put his natural talents to work.

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