Divar Moosh Dareh ... Moosham Goosh dareh ... Pas divar goosh dareh!

"Good Old Days" Savak warning to Iranians does not hold true for the Putin, Khamenei and Trump love triangle.

Putin loves Khami jon and Trump jonjon, but Khami and Trump don't even like each other ... that is sad ... very very saadd!

Pimping Iran to US is a very hard sell, but Putin has at least been able to defuse the Syria/US time bomb so far. If Clinton was elected last year, her no-fly-zone plan for Syria would have placed US and Russia on a clear collision course ... that would have been bad ... very very baadd!

Putin is ruthlessly pragmatic, with a very cold and calculating world-view (watch Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews) who believes that different government types serve different country types. Putin wants the USA to get out of "exporting" democracy around the world (especially to Russia) and accept the sovereign right of other countries' rulers, even if they choose to bomb and gas their own people (for example Syria).

Putin is a very wealthy man (estimated at $200 billion) and Khamenei is wealthy too ($75 billion). Trump loves wealthy men with big ambitions and sticks. So how long before the love triangle becomes complete, for us to watch a Putin, Khamenei, Trump three way?