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Tell it like it is

Camels and Things in the Divine Desert

Happy Flags?

Hadn't seen the American flag before where the Stars are replaced by the Peace sign....and side by side a smiley face.....

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (aka, State Dept), Tehran

What a beautiful building. Must be hard for mullahs (with and w/o turban) to come to work everyday to this building with all the reminders of the glory of the country before their beloved religion of peace took hold.......

Infidel Beach II - Dubai

No caption necessary!

The Moody Blues

Keep Rockin' - March 2014

Last Days of Freedom in Iran

Right around the time of  "revolution"

Who Pays for Wars?

Buddy Buddy

I'm gonna hate you later........

Speaking of 2009......

What would happen if this actually happened? Anything?