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این اسلامه , این هم مغز شما در اسلام . سوالی هست؟

نشریه بصیرت - اینا  خندشون  نمیگیره از این پرت و پلا ها؟

This one's an actual exhibit

National Museum of American History  (@ the Smithsonian, BTW).


On the Wall

National Museum of American History

"Camel shall not litter..........."

So how much higher before collapse?

Deconstruction Nearly Complete!

With the dollar soaring above 6,000 tomans, Iranians rush to currency exchange (shops) to buy dollars.

The incompetence and corruption of the alliance of reesh-o pashm. 


The great achievements of our ancient culture described.



Billboard to be displayed in Atlanta over the next month.

May reason and logic win over stupidity and superstition......or not!

Sad Money