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BBC gaffe

BBC gaffe shows children's show subtitles during Donald Trump inauguration

Italian Connection


You never know

maybe he is a better politician.


Viking Festival

The annual Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, celebrates the influence of the Scandinavian Vikings on the islands

Aston Martin DB5

Do you have one of these? If you auction it may get a good price for it.


Marking Your Belongings

Cameron, the PM, not so interesting

PM was reading a book to a kid while visiting a school. Kids are more honest, don't you think so? Politicians are boring.

So True


Food of Life
Songs of My Homeland, Honiball Joseph, February 25, 2017 - Cupertino, CA
Fared Shafinury Concert, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, January 28, 2017