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Speaking of Inaugurations - An update

This isn't the 80's any longer, information doesn't vanish; it's all out there. You are going to ...

George Bush says he speaks to god every day and Christians love him for it. If George Bush said ...

CNN: 50 pole dancers escort Taiwan politician's funeral procession

Do political and religious views promote and foster intolerance and ultimately ignorance??

Rick Perry as the Secretary of Energy? The guy who wanted to abolish it and couldn't remember the...

Who can "fix" Iran?

The Washington Post: Trump adviser’s son removed from transition after spreading conspiracy theory

The (political) division in America in the recent years will be nothing compared to what the next...

USA Today...and SNL: Trump responds immediately to 'Saturday Night Live' skit mocking his twee


Food of Life
Songs of My Homeland, Honiball Joseph, February 25, 2017 - Cupertino, CA
Fared Shafinury Concert, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, January 28, 2017