I have a black friend.  My father has number of black employees in his business; in fact, most of his workers are black.

I have a friend, neighbor and do business with certain group of people sounds familiar?

It is a disclaimer often used by people burdened with prejudice, seeing people not as individuals, but as a group with set common perceived values and behaviors.

Like many other nationalities, some Iranians harbor deep-seated prejudice against blacks, Jews, Afghans, Arabs, etc…

Among all the Iranian prejudices, the one against Jews has been the costliest in treasure and blood for the past nearly four decades. Islamist fascist rulers of Iran have used Iranian prejudices to their own advantage.

Islamist fascists’ anti-Jew centric policy disguised as pro Palestinian, aside blood, has and is spending the national wealth of Iranians badly needed  domestically on their anti-Jew, aka anti-Israel/Zionism cause.

The good news is, in the internet era, prejudice can be confronted by every concerned individual, little by little reducing the number of afflicted and getting them on the road to becoming a clearheaded conscientious human being. 

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.



Above picture; a pair of Iranian “ Aryan” fascists with what seems to be a Nazi like salute, claiming to be anti-Islamist fascists,” fled” their rule in Iran, and yet attack Islamist fascists’ opposition and wholeheartedly approve of their expansionist wars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, …

To dispel any misunderstanding, the Persian caption under the picture says:

“This is a Nazi Party fort [watchtower] in a European country. It was a strange feeling, and being next to dear Qumars made it even stranger.”


Ps. Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic ally. The sooner Iran is emancipated, the sooner these two great nations can bring back peace and tranquility to the bloodshed ravaged Middle East.