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NCRI: Iran: Atena Daemi [hunger striking Political prisoner] draws international support

Freedom messenger: Iran: Resuming executions after election farce, 10 prisoners executed in two days

Telegraph: Syrian regime burned 'thousands' of bodies at crematorium to hide scale of slaughter

BBC: Understanding Picasso's Guernica, 80 years later (Video)

Amnesty International: Iran: Release imprisoned trade unionists and uphold workers’ rights

Huffington post: Senator McCain Praises Iran’s Largest Oppositional Group 'Sarin gas attack' in Idlib, Syria: Fingers pointed at Russia, Assad. (Warning: Graphic)

MKO.: Kurdish prisoner writes to Khamenei that she was Raped by the interrogators’

advox: Young Iranian Faces Execution Over ‘Anti-Islamic’ Social Media Posts

NCRI: A Call to Strip Immunities of the Perpetrators of the 1988 Massacre in Iran