Federal Bureau of Investigation

What are you waiting for ?

Deport these bastards from America. The next target will be blowing up liberty status in New York or Gold Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

Now, Americans can see how they left border with Mexico wide open and it is NOT just drugs and wetbacks that were coming across. I remember on Lou Dobbs interviewing US border patrol agents and they said that Iranians were getting caught in  border of Mexico, NOT just the idiots who want to come to America and act like a negro. Those are military fit, military look Iranians who has been trained in army camps in venezuela for number of years. They cross the border illegally, like Mexicans, but they are NOT here to mow the lawn. They are waiting to attack. Ayatollahs are close to Venezuela. They had soldiers go to Venezueal then Mexico and then come to America waiting to strike. Now, it is time. It may happen. Of course, Democrats blame it on Trump.