The Unity of Time and Place, Bakhshi’s current exhibition at London’s Narrative Projects (for which he was denied a UK visa), revolves around the arson attack. The pertinent and politically neutral installation, from which the exhibition derives its name, provokes discussions about the roles of artists in addressing social issues. Audiences are treated to a cinematic experience, much like the victims of the attack: the rooms, containing rows of weathered theatre seats, are lit only by film projections. The exhibition features two silent video montages, the first providing content: early scenes from The Deers have been superimposed onto images of chaos and cinders in the aftermath of the Cinema Rex attack. The second presents a silent interview with Kimai, who was asked by Bakhshi to respond to the attack and reports of the 400 unconfirmed deaths. Kimiai’s face immediately becomes contorted; his eyes are teary and unable to focus on even the camera. He had initially provided a response, but Bakhshi erased this as the director later decided that he did not want to issue a reply on film.

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