Many people compare departure of US troops from Afghanistan to 1975 when US troops left the Vietnam. However, Tragedy in Afghanistan is much worse than Vietnam war.

 President Trump left doofus Biden with a relaxation peaceful Afghanistan, only 2500 troops. Doofus Biden ignored his own advisors on how to proceed on a calendar based exit plan rather than a conditions on the ground exit plan. Biden destroys everything President Trump has ever touched in 7 months, all for his anti-love for anything Trump did. Biden followed the date of calendar. He ordered the closure of the military base North of Kabul it is called Bogrum. Enclosing the just took all the personnel from the base and left millions of equipments including ammunition in that base. Also, he was determined to get everyone out by August 31st. That was the date driving his decisions. There are 5 seasons. The 5th season is fighting season. The smart strategy would have planned the evacuation in the middle of winter. That is when all Talibans have been at home playing with goats and their women. This would have left very little resistance to clean out all military equipment, plus to facilitate an orderly evacuation of citizens and vetted allies Afghanies. Biden also eliminated our air support. The Talibans knew it would rain hell down on them, therefore, none of US military folks died due to Trump's policies for 19 months. But Biden walked away from all our previous equipment, including much of the air support equipment. 

President Trump made a deal with the Talibans. The agreement inferred that should the Talibans just frighten an American there would be hell to pay. Trump projected strength and his word was taken seriousely by the Talibans. Trump was not meant to doing things according to calendar as oppose to condition on the ground. It is poor strategy to pull any evacuation in the middle of fighting season, a time when your opponents Warriors are on the battleground and arm to the teeth, ignorant Biden likely dopped up on opium. If you want to do somehing, you do it quitely, you don't do it when your opposition is in full force in front of you.

Biden probably looked at the polls and saw that most of the American public wanted the troops to be out of Afghanistan so he looked at that thought it would improve his ratings. Because his rating has been so poor because of the Southern border catastrophie. So he makes and continues to make one bad decision after the next. He has made poor international events world affairs decesions incorrectly for 40 years plus. He only cares about the power. That is how Democrats rule. They all care about themselves and not others. Operate by the philosophy "by any means possible". Conservatives do not, and because of it they often get rolled over as they prefer taking the more kinder and more gentle approach. Those days are going to be gone because the true consevatives are starting to develop a backbone and stand up against the tyrrany to preserve their freedom. The Jim-Crow lobby and lawmakers were all Democrats, the Ku-Klux Klan scum was the imitation and enforcement arm of the Democrats party. If they couldn't win at the ballot Box, they would win by an intimidation. They would burn your house, they would burn your barn, .... all to intimidate and change behavior, so they would be able to get their way and condtrol freedoms of others. 

Biden pulled the troops out before pulling out our civilian Americans and those who helped us during the 20 years to fight the Taliban etc.

If I was a president, I would have ordered air power to come in and take out all the roadblocks. Then I would instruct them to go to the airport and take out the ring of Taliban fighters that encircled the airport keeping others from having access so they could leave the country. I would slaughter the bastards untill the streets ran red with their blood. 

Presently there are an estimated 40000 Americans , but the government doesn't know where they are located and they are left alone for themselves to get themselves to the airport, without any military backup.