What would be a descriptive moniker in describing public persons who are simultaneously for and against an issue of outmost importance?

Here is an example:

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani publically supports the peoples Mujahedin of Iran, MKO, who are dedicated to the overthrow of the unreformable, warmongering Islamist fascists ruling over Iran.

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani publically supports Reza Zarrab, the accused money launderer who is dedicated to the preservation of the rule of the unreformable, warmongering Islamist fascists ruling over Iran.

In other words; Maryam Rajavi, Reza Zarrab & a prostitute named Rudy. 

Above is from a blog that was posted around this time last year when MKO has its annual gathering.

Rudy was again in this year’s annual MKO gathering, where he said his opinion and support of MKO is that of a private citizen and not one of the President Trump’s personal attorneys.

This year’s MKO gathering was broadcast by the Saudi financed Iran International satellite “news channel” and also extensively covered by the Persian Service of Voice of America.

Two weeks prior to the MKO gathering, Prince Raza Pahlavi was interviewed by Bloomberg, “The Late Shah's Son Wants a Democratic Revolution in Iran.”

The interview generated immediate responses, not only by the usual Islamist fascists, their dimwitted useful lefty allies and assortment of nut-jobs, MKO took strong exception to Prince Pahlavi for warning about them thusly:

Pahlavi also says he wants to build a bridge between Iran's democratic activists and their counterparts in the West. "It's about time for Western democracies to engage in open, transparent dialogue with the democratic opposition," he said.

But Pahlavi also says this is a process that must be driven by Iranians themselves. He said he opposes any American military intervention in Iran. He also says it's a pipe dream for the U.S. to support the People's Mujahedin or MEK, an opposition group once allied with the 1979 revolution until it was purged in the 1980s by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

"I have spoken to former MEK members," Pahlavi said. "They force women to wear the Hijab." He added that most Iranians still despise the MEK for siding with Saddam Hussein's Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war. "I cannot imagine Iranians ever forgiving their behavior at that time," he said "If the choice is between this regime and the MEK, they will mostly likely say the mullahs."

Alas, the liberal Iranians are consistently sidelined by Western powers led by America. Islamist appease-in-chief Obama cozied up to the Islamist fascists through their NIAC Lobby, now twitter-in-chief’s close confidents are bosom-buddies with the equally unpalatable MKO.

Maryam Memarsadeghi, The co-founder/co-director of Tavaana, the E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society, has this to say about this crucial oversight:

“Liberal Iranian-Americans have always warned of #MEK cult. But it seems they’ve bought many US politicians. Shame on every speaker today & especially @VOAIran whose management/Derakhshesh cannot claim not to know MEK is proudly fascist & deeply unpopular. #FreeIran2018

False friends—above all @NIACouncil@VOAIran & the MEK—are thorns in side of Iran liberal democratic opposition. But we have on our side Truth, Hope & Determination. #IranRegimeChange.

Left & right think tanks can come together to write the simple truth about the MEK. It would be an act of truth & bravery to shape sound American foreign policy & a dignified prospect of democracy for the Iranian people. @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @USAdarFarsi need to see it."

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

ps. Yesterday's arrest of an Islamist fascist "diplomat" bomber in Germany for a plot to bomb MKO gathering is a testament to a role mujahedin can, and should, play in emancipation of Iran, Iranians and the world from Islamist fascism.

 MKO, after it reforms, in coalition with other Iranian opposition is part of the solution. Fronting it as the only solution is only going to provide fodder for the propaganda by the Islamist fascists, their lobbies like NIAC and amoral lefties on anti-Saudi/Israel/America crusade.