The world is waking up to the news of North Korea detonating a hydrogen bomb.

Western and Japanese seismologists have registered an event, most probably the hydrogen bomb, about five times the lethality of the American nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

North Korea has already demonstrated it possess ICBMs, it now claims to have miniaturized nuke warheads to tip those missiles.  

The close military relationship between the warmongering Islamist fascist rulers of Iran and North Korea is an open secret.

As it is known the Islamist fascists’ ICBMs are of N. Korean design and technology, many of the Islamist fascist military bigwigs boast about their trainings in N. Korea.

Another well known fact is Obama’s lead nuke negotiator, Wendy Sherman, for his faulty legacy nuke deal with the Islamist fascists is the same person who was part of the American negotiators cutting a similar nuke deal with the N. Koreans resulting with the just detonated hydrogen bomb.

In short, the world is now facing a belligerent anti-West nuke power enslaving Korean people.

Under the same faulty N. Korean nuke deal, the sane world will soon face a warmongering, expansionist and uber-international terror sponsoring Islamist fascists bent on anti-west and Western values of democracy and pluralism with nukes to load up on their ICBMs.

In other words; the enslavement of Iranian people will be guaranteed for many generations to come, plus an expansionist nuke power Islamist fascism intent on forcing its ideology on all.