Just woke up this morning and after turning on to Cnn international desk I was stunned to see how one of it's anchors John Vause ( see his profile here ) was using the harvey tragedy to do propaganda for iranian funded mosques in Houston giving shelter whilst accusing christian churches for closing its doors. 



An article on how mosques are sheltering victims of Harvey can be found on CNN website here

Nothing surprises me coming from Ayatollah Amanpour's editorial staff but then I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and did a little research of my own by googling online. And Halleluia my suspicions seemed justified

See what I found in an excerpt from a book "Debating Muslims" by Michael M.D. Fischer and Mehdi Abdi  : Link Here p. 269.

Not only did I find the names of Ebrahim Yazdi and Mehdi Bazargan's names associated but also how the former Pahlavi foundation was taken over by the IRI to create a new fund and transform a bankrupt Gandhi Center into a Mosque.

Now you know why Obamaphilic NIACer and even their useful idiot Shahrvand Reza keep quoting Gandhi and Civil disobedience as a way to "overthrow" let alone reform the IRI and replace it "massalan" with a secular system. Mind you NIAC is not even speaking of reform but maintaining the regime in power  ( see ​Trita Parsi: U.S. Attempts to Destabilize Iran Have Failed)

This just shows who is pulling the editorial strings of this media corporation ... The iri lobbies even want to turn a natural disaster into a political and ideological gain. Shame on CNN trying to score political points upon a national and naturally caused tragedy.


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Ebrahim Yazdi leading prayers in Texas mosque in 1968


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