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Spiraling Snake

The Pre-Colombian Art Museum by far holds the most amazing collection of Peruvian artifacts. This one is just one of many favorites. It's a ceramic bottle in the shape of a spiraling snake, 1300 to 1532 AD, from the Chimu civilization in northern Peru.

Description: "The traditional symbols of Andean worldview are continuously reinterpreted and represented in newer forms. This bottle features a two-headed serpent coiled around itself as a spiral, alluding to the constant repetition of cycles and the possibility of a new beginning of life arising from the inner world." 


Outside San Pedro market.

Fallen Angel

Last night at the store in Fallen Angel restaurant and guesthouse.

Stand Still

San Pedro market yesterday.

Going, going, gone

Valentino yesterday.

Artist at work

In Plaza de Armas.

Desiree Akhavan: Being bisexual is 'incredibly taboo'

Celebretainment: Desiree Akhavan says being "bisexual is a struggle" and still "incredibly taboo".

The 44-year-old Iranian-American film director - who got critical acclaim for her 2018 movie 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post', which starred Chloe Grace Moretz as the titular character dealing with her own homosexuality - is attracted to both men and women but she says it's still hard for people to identify with that sexuality as it doesn't have the same sense of "community or backing" as lesbianism.

Speaking to The I Paper, Desiree said: "I'm the child of immigrants; I was raised in New York; I live in England; my parents are from Iran. I've never quite felt American, never felt Iranian. I've been openly bisexual but when I'm in a lesbian relationship, I always feel not gay enough; when I'm in a straight relationship. I always feel not straight enough.

"My life has been determined by being somewhere in between, and not quite belonging to any of the heavily organised communities that I was raised in.

"I don't think it's a nice one. It doesn't have the community or the backing of 'lesbian'. I still struggle with it. I've always had a difficult time identifying with anything."

Desiree - who stars in and directs new Channel 4 comedy drama series 'The Bisexual' - has confessed she still hasn't yet "found her place in the world" and struggles with knowing exactly where to fit in.

Desiree added: "You think that you'll know your place in the world and you'll be happy. It's very strange, and it's not at all the case. I still feel like I haven't found my place in the world. That might be something I take with me my whole life."

Feeding Jeremy

Made something like khoresh karafs today and shared some with my neighbor. 

Middle Ground

On Calle Procuradores,  “Gringo Alley.”  

Cloud 9

Yesterday near Maras, outside Cusco.