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Coca Marmalade & Chocolate Strawberry Jam

Coca Marmalade: Surprisingly delicious.
Chocolate Strawberry Jam: Not surprisingly delicious.

Sunday after mass

Plaza de Armas. 

Color Portrait

Today, Plaza Nazarenas.

Donkey Protest

"The municipality is not your property," - demonstraton today in front of the mayor's office in Cusco today.


Today, outside San Pedro Market.

All Trump-ed Up

Last night, Plaza Plaza Nazarenas.

Bad joke lands prominent Iranian comedian in deep trouble

Al-Monitor: Prominent Iranian comedian, actor and television director Mehran Modiri has come under harsh criticism over comments on women and divorces. In a five-minute bit during his standup comedy show that aired on state TV in December, Modiri ridiculed Iranian men who at the time of the marriage agree to grant their wives the right to divorce, saying, “Sometimes men get carried away.”

When some Iranian men sign their marriage certificates, they choose to stipulate that their wives, just like themselves, have the right to file for divorce and separate at any time they wish.

Divorce rights are addressed in Articles 1119, 1129, 1130 and 1133 of Iran’s Civil Code. The law allows an Iranian woman to file for divorce if her husband refrains from paying the dowry he promised her, or if he is absent without a justifiable reason for six consecutive months or nine total months in a period of one year, if he is an addict, if he is sentenced to jail for a period of at least five years, if he engages in physical abuse or if he has an incurable disease.

Modiri’s remarks sparked a backlash on social media networks targeting his latest TV series "Dorehami," "Gathering." Criticizing the comedian, Twitter and Telegram users have described his attitude toward divorce as misogynistic. On Twitter, #righttodivorce, #dorehami and #mehranmodiri quickly became popular hashtags. One Iranian Twitter user wrote, “Granting a woman a divorce is not getting carried away or a joke, but the legal restoration of her rights as a human being.” >>>


Last night on my street, Calle Choqechaka.

Arms Seized Off Coast of Yemen Appear to Have Been Made in Iran

New York Times: Photographs recently released by the Australian government show that light anti-armor weapons seized from a smuggling vessel near Yemen’s coast appear to have been manufactured in Iran, further suggesting that Tehran has had a hand in a high-seas gunrunning operation to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

The weapons, a selection of at least nine rocket-propelled grenade launchers, were among thousands of weapons seized by an Australian warship, the Darwin, in February from an Iranian dhow that was sailing under the name Samer. The photographs of the weapons, a sample of the much larger quantity of arms, were obtained by the Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based international research center, after a long open-records dispute with the Australian military.

Iran has been repeatedly accused of providing arms helping to fuel one side of the war in Yemen, in which rebels from the country’s north, known as the Houthis, ousted the government from the capital, Sana, in 2014. The United States and other Western governments have provided vast quantities of weapons, and other forms of military support, to the embattled government and its allies in a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, contributing to violence that the United Nations said last year had caused more than 10,000 civilian casualties >>>

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Sorya hiding from the pigeons this morning.


Fared Shafinury Concert, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco, January 28, 2017