Like it or not, generally speaking, there is a historic animosity between Arabs and Iranians. At times of tranquility, like during the times of Pahlavi rule, this destructive mutual sentiment gives way to cooperation and coexistence, but it is always there.

Recognizing the abilities and strength of ones enemy, is the most elementary step in any reality based opposition.

Be it in Iran or elsewhere in the world, the warmongering Islamist fascists-”reformers” and all- are masters at using the undercurrents of societies.

The ever escalating war of words, in addition to the many proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq  ….- between the Islamist fascist rulers in Iran and the Arab world led by Arabia - is the perfect example of how masterfully the fascists utilize the unspoken feelings.

The recent uptake in anti-Arab propaganda by the Islamist fascists, and their minions in the free world, is calculated to tap into the historic animosity/rivalry.

Islamist fascists are dead set on their hegemonic goals; the Arabs are equally dead set on opposing it, with the presence of modern arms with mass lethality, and more being poured into the region, this is a recipe for disaster of biblical proportion.

Those people who genuinely care for peace and are anti-war, those who have learnt the lesson of history and know the devastating end result of fanning this sort of ethnicity/nationalism, will NOT stay silent.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

Above caricature, titled "the Inferior bloodsuckers" published by the all powerful Islamist mafioso “Islamic Coalition Party” in Iran.