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You know why they are called Far Hang?

You know why they are called Far Hang?
Because they don't give a shit about Iranians who are Hanged Far away in Iran.
This is also why they are having a "Silent" Auction. Whoever is the most silent on oppression inside Iran wins the Tahoe vacation.

Diplomats representing ancient civilizations meet in Athens

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, right, and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif, left, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gesture as they pose for the photographers as they attend the “Ancient Civilizations Forum” (ACForum) at Zappeio Conference Hall in Athens, Monday, April 24, 2017. 

Zarif is gesturing in the same way that the ancient Persian King Xerxes did, when asked why the Persian army was having so much difficulty getting past the Spartan 300.

Ah! The good old days! When we used to be somebody...

Found this gem for you to show your kids.

There was a time when Iran was respected. December 30th, 1938 to be exact.

More importantly, if you disrespected Iran, there were consequences. By the way, please note how good Persia sounds in print.

Google NoRooz Animation

Once again, no luck folks.

Although this year we are correctly depicted by the Google animation metaphor:

"Iranians are like Rats, trapped in a hole in the ground, relegated to the occasional momentary grasp of any sort of happiness (A spring flower) that we can get our hands on. And then going back to sleep."

True Dat.

The one on the left...

... is Ahmadinejad's...