To my mind, four decades of disastrous Palestine-centric policy of the Islamist fascists is the main facilitator for this American policy change.

It is as direct result of their hegemonic expansionism and warmongering, that Arabs have become de facto allies of Israel.

Islamist fascists’ interference in Palestinian affairs, constantly feeding and arming terror groups and becoming a solid impediment to the unity of Palestinians is also to blame.

In short; regardless of its legitimacy or not, this move by the Trump administration could not have been made without the Islamist fascists’ bloody terroristic shenanigans and hegemonic desire.

Iranians have no dog in this fight. The right thing for Iranians who wish to see Iran emancipated from the yoke of this unreformable Islamist fascists, is to concentrate on Iran’s national interests, which as long as Islamist fascists are in power is in mortal jeopardy.

Above is part of a blog posted five months ago on the occasion of Trump announcing U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

With many dignities present, yesterday the new American embassy in Jerusalem was inaugurated.

The 40 year old disastrous anti-Israel policy of the Islamist fascists, which has ruined Iran for the expressed goal of “wiping Israel off the map”, is an impediment to the birth of country of Palestine. This Islamist fascist policy has only solidified and expanded support for Israel.

Lets hope those Iranians impervious to the suffering of Iranians, who are more Palestinian than the Palestinians and by a slim chance care for Palestinians and are not using them as a fig leaf for their own ingrained rabid anti-Semitism,  finally understand Iranians have no dog in this fight.

Lets also hope the day soon comes when American embassy is inaugurated in an independent country of Palestine, a county freed from her people being used by outside powers, particularly the Islamist fascists ruling over Iran, as sacrificial lamb and cannon fodder for goals undeniably having nothing to do with the best interests of the Palestinian people.

Airtight sanctions, which includes oil, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.